Fresh Crop Alert – Strawberries! Here! Now!

Come on down to the farm! It is time to pick strawberries! You can hand-pick in the Berry Patch, or buy quarts that we’ve picked for you.

Remember those green strawberries we looked at last week? Now they are red, and ready to meet the ultimate fate of a strawberry.

Nom nom nom!


These strapping blokes have installed a sign on Route 96 to remind you that Strawberry Hour has arrived.

You’ll see this rickety little wagon. In 2 minutes flat you can pull off the road, grab a couple quarts of farm-fresh berries, and leave your bills in the slot.

Pick up a quart to drop off at a friend’s house!

Bursting with juice. Make great smoothies!

Want to hand-pick them yourself? Get your quart boxes at the wagon, then follow the signs to the Berry Patch. Hope to see you soon! Weather has cooled, weekend is here, and berries are waiting.

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2 Responses to Fresh Crop Alert – Strawberries! Here! Now!

  1. Greetings, Katie! Strawberries are $4/quart if you pick them yourself, but they are $3/quart if you pick 4 quarts or more. If you just want to grab a quart that we have picked and set on the wagon, those are $5. Happy berry hunting.

  2. Katie Ballantyne says:

    Hi there! We can’t wait to get over to the farm to pick some berries! What are your prices this year?

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