Pick Your Own Pears for 99¢ a Pound! Tomato and Peach Sales Extended; Fresh Donuts on Saturday.

DEAR FARM FANS, you are an expressive bunch.  Over the past 2 weeks you have told us in so many ways, “We aren’t emotionally ready for apples.  It’s still summer.  We want peaches.”


You’re not alone.  Even the chickens have their heads buried in the sand.  They will have no talk of apples.

02-P1230551Yet somebody picked last week’s featured apples.  The Sansas are gone.  BRAVO!  This week, pick Jonamacs.  (How to pick an apple.)

03-P1230563Now, about the peaches.  They are picked out for the moment.  One last wave of white peaches (pictured) will be ready NEXT week.

04-P1060785We are offering pre-picked peaches at the u-pick price, just so the inexorable wane of peach season doesn’t hurt so bad.

05-P1060581But we have something else—wonderful Bartlett pears!  (See recipes.)  Pick them for 99¢ A POUND.  Down to 75¢ if you pick a bushel!

06-P1180424Each year at this time, we “cross Bartlett Bridge” from peaches into apples.  The pears will not last long.  Pick pears, like, NOW!

08-P1180523Bonus prize for a lucky few—nectarines!  You will find only a handful of trees.  Score these “fuzz-free peaches” in the peach orchard.

09-P1190109Now let’s pause for a commercial break while Natasha does… whatever she does.  Okay, back to our scheduled broadcast…

10-P1180813Pick 4 pecks of Roma or Beefsteak tomatoes for the price of 3.  Folks, it is absolutely critical time to load up on tomatoes.

12-P1190927And apple cider donuts, Saturday 1-5 PM.  Just what Michelle Obama recommends for back-to-school lunches.  Donuts.

13-P1230568Our sunflower cup runneth over.  We got a million—you can get scissors at the farm stand and take home some living color.

Farm Buzz

{ Listen Up. }

14-P1180661These 2 lovebirds got married on the shores of our irrigation pond exactly 1 year ago today.  They transcended social barriers and their propinquity deepens with each passing day.  They’ve come back to our program to share an important message.

1-P1180662“You know that old joke—When someone gets a haircut, you ask them, ‘Did you get your ears lowered?'”

1-P1180664-001“Well that’s good old-fashioned fun as long as you don’t take it too far.  We’re here to say, DON’T BE A BULLY.”  See you at The ‘Creek.

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1 Response to Pick Your Own Pears for 99¢ a Pound! Tomato and Peach Sales Extended; Fresh Donuts on Saturday.

  1. Continue to love the crop alerts – so entertaining. Love the link to Yummly – it’s a great recipe site.

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