Deep Autumn Cider Is Still Flowing and the Farm Is Open; Balto and Natasha Are Being Exemplary.

DAYS ARE GETTING SHORTER; people are getting crabbier.  But Balto and Natasha, ever the model citizens, are making an effort to speak each other’s language.  Isn’t that the least we can do when things get f*cky?

Yes, Dear ‘Creekniks, we’re all in this together.  As the season darkens, why not bring each other a little light?

Like these 2 intrepid pickers.  They came apple hunting after everyone had given up for the season.  Inspiring!

We are still open every day til 5 PM, but APPLE PICKING IS DONE.  Of course you can wander the orchards and playground, but you won’t find many apples within reach.

The stand is stocked with great apples, including antiques and exotics that you can’t find in a grocery store.  (Send them to a friend in an Apple Gift Box!)

“Apples schmapples,” says Natasha.  “Wake me up when the tuna trees are ripe.  And eat that dry food yourself.”

The Cidermeisters are pressing Ambrosia every week.  Load up now for Thanksgiving.  It freezes great.

Get winter squash for only 75¢ a pound.  Delicata, acorn, and more.  Traditional Thanksgiving delights.

Last call to order Apple Gift Boxes for Thanksgiving.  Order online before Monday, November 23, for shipping in time for Thanksgiving to most locations east of the Mississippi.  You can also select “Pickup” at the farm.

If you come to the farm in the next couple days, you’ll find one of us at the stand.  After that, we will switch to self-serve mode.  Have a safe and swell holiday.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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Get Free Hooch This Friday at the Cider House; Order Apple Gift Boxes Now for Thanksgiving.

LOYAL FARMKETEERS:  We are still open every day til 5 PM.  If you are trapped at the office all day, please come see us on the weekend.  Rain or shine, sleet or snow, sh*t or Shinola.

The rest of you could pop in during the week to keep Farmer Amanda from knitting herself to sleep on the job.

APPLES, CIDER, SPROUTS, and SQUASH.  The other characters in our crop opera have all died off by this point in the show.  But please enjoy apples, cider, sprouts, and squash.

Now taking center stage:  APPLE GIFT BOXES!  It is time to order if you want boxes to arrive for Thanksgiving.  See the goods and order online!

If you were to open an Apple Gift Box and read the printed insert, you would find this description of the Black Oxford apple:  “Tino here in the office says:  ‘It’s like biting into another galaxy.'”

This enigmatic statement will make some of you wonder about the apple.  “Tell me more about this Black Oxford,” you will say.  Others will wonder about Tino.  “Tell me more about this Tino.”  Well, he’s the guy in the photo below, as seen performing in the studio of the Sunday radio program, “The Salt Creek Show.”

It is plain to see:  Tino is the person you get when you genetically engineer a man to possess the best features of both Santa Claus and Sasquatch, while burning off their worst features in a bonfire of orchard prunings.  You can see for yourself this Friday!

Tino will be playing and singing at Finger Lakes Cider House on Friday, November 13, 5:30-9 PM.  They’re serving dinner.  See the menu and join the Facebook event.

If you come to the Finger Lakes Cider House for dinner and music on Friday, November 13, 2015, you can get ONE FREE HARD CIDER ON TAP.  The only way to receive this great blessing is to print this coupon, or pull it up on your phone, and present it at the Cider House tasting room.  The photo is your coupon.  You Loyal ‘Creekniks are the only people in the world who are getting this deal.

Why do Farmketeers get this deal?  Because our customers are the best in the WOOOORRRLLDD!   You do great things like make us applesauce and bring it to the farm!  Thanks, Pam and Jeff.IMG_7684

Thanks for visiting all season.  You are like friends and family.  And now you can send a piece of the farm to YOUR friends and family:  Order Apple Boxes this week to arrive in time for Thanksgiving.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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Fresh Pressed Cider, Apple Picking, Sprout Lopping, Squash Sale, and We’re Still Open Every Day.

YOU HAVE THICK SKIN if you are the last one picked every season and you still keep your chin up.  Winter squashes have thick skin.  They try to keep their chins up, but it’s hard…

Farm Fans, perhaps you know what it feels like to be picked last.  Now you can right past slights.  Show a little faith in the squashes.  Get them on sale now for only 75¢ per pound!  Use them in delicious fall recipes for Butternut, Acorn, Delicata, and Sweet Dumpling.  Great stuff.

We’re still open every day til 5 pm for APPLE picking (Mutsu), SPROUT lopping (Brussels), CIDER drinking (fresh!), SQUASH shopping (on sale!), and more.

Thanks to all you magic-users who came to our stall at Wizarding Weekend!  That was awesome!  Also feels great to extend the local harvest season with your November visits.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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New This Week:  Order Apple Gift Boxes Online!  We’re Still Open for Apple Picking, Cider & Donuts!

WHEN YOU GO into the drug store to buy toothpaste and gummy bears, you are pursuing a course of action which is classically referred to as “a complete waste of time.”  The toothpaste and gummy bears cancel out exactly.

Things are different at the farm.  No two products cancel out.  They all add up to a higher life score.  Allow Professor Zorro, Ph.D., to demonstrate with a few examples.

“When you pick APPLES and a jug of CIDER, you get apples plus apples plus a dollop of pear.  All local, all good.”

“When you lop SPROUTS and grab SQUASH, it is nutritious plus delicious which equals bravissimo.”

“When you carry your dream PUMPKIN home and carve it up, you create a caloric deficit that fresh DONUTS will not erase.  After all, your short-term happiness counts for something in the arithmetic of the universe.  Woof!”

Do the math, Farm Fans!  There are plenty of reasons to keep the season going.  Sure, the weather is getting ickier and ickier.  Darkness comes earlier each day.  But we will be here rain or shine, 9 AM – 5 PM, every day.

You can still pick apples and sprouts; drink fresh cider; get last-minute pumpkins; and, eat donuts.  (Last day for donuts is, Sunday, November 1, 11AM – 4PM!)  You can also hit the playground with friends… of all ages.



New this week!  Order Apple Gift Boxes for shipping or pickup.  These are the best way to share a piece of The ‘Creek with your loved ones.  Each box contains 14 beautiful apples grown on the farm.  Learn more.



The Heirloom Harvest Apple Box is one of 4 great options.  It allows you to share antique and exotic varieties that you won’t find in a grocery store.  Apple Gift Boxes are ready now, fresh from the harvest.  If supplies last, we will offer boxes closer to Thanksgiving; but, now you get first dibs.

“But, but, but, it’s not gift giving season.  Says who?!  Are you a secret agent for Hallmark, Inc.?  It is harvest season, and locavores know what that means:  Time to share.  If you send an Apple Gift Box right now, you’ll be right on time.



Lovely to see so many of you at the farm this year.  Our best year ever.  We’re not giving up on the season yet.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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Last Week of Prime Apple Picking; 99¢ Special on Famous Pie Apples; Pumpkins Going Fast!

DO YOU REMEMBER that time Grandpa kicked everybody’s butt at picking Mutsu apples?  We caught it on tape.

Watch the crew get schooled by the gentleman in the nifty brown hat.  He appears at 8 seconds. By 54 seconds, you can tell he’s going to rescue more apples from the freeze than anyone else.  He has seen more days than 3 of the crew members combined.  Three cheers for the Greatest Generation.


All ages can pick Mutsu apples.  Bring the family.  The weather is cool and the picking is easy.  It is prime time for these awesome, versatile, giant apples.  Great stuff.


Last week’s heroes:  Folks who came from Whitney Point to pick 100 pounds of Mutsus in the blowing snow!  Turns out the orchard survived the frost in perfect shape for picking.  Please pick them NOW, we don’t have space to store them.


New this week:  99¢ sale on famous pie apples.  For baking pies, there is no better apple in the world than Northern Spy.  You can get them for 99¢ a pound.  We stripped the trees and set aside the #2 specimens for your yummy bakings.  The apples are big and blemished and perfect.


The sprouts are speaking to you.  We have tons of Brussels sprouts that you can lop yourself.  Get loppers at the stand.  These make wonderful gifts because they are cheap and weird.


Last chance for dream pumpkins.  Two years running, we’ve run out of pumpkins before Halloween, and this year we’re on target for a threepeat!  The race is on.  Pick yours at the playground or farm stand.


The fresh cider has been getting great reviews.  You can get gallons and half-gallons at the stand.  We are pressing fresh every week.  Get your baggies of cider donuts on Saturday and Sunday 11 AM – 4 PM.  Hot mulled cider, too.


Our neighbor’s daughter tends the bees.  You can get their local honey right here at the stand.


Weekday shoppers take note:  “Picking for Puppies” is next week, Mon-Thu.  Come pick Mutsu apples and we will donate to the Tompkins County SPCA.  It is a 4-day benefit, rain or shine!  Join the Facebook event and invite friends.  All you have to do is pick apples.  You keep the fruit.  We write a check.  SPCA cares for the animals.


More heroes from last week:  Shane and Taylor.  Cold, blustery day.  Gray skies.  Only a few customers around.  These two went picking then chilled out on the swing and sipped hot cider.  Unfazed by October gloom.  Nice work.


Well, Farmketeers, the season is winding down.  The next week or so is your last chance for easy apple picking.  Get out here for a fun fall weekend.  We are open every day til dark, rain or shine.  Or snow.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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Do You Mutsu?  Famous Giant Apples are Ready; You Can Dream Big and Pick Bigger.

IN YOUR DREAMS, do you jump like Lebron?

IMG_7383Or do you get higher with a little help from your friends?

P1200239In your dreams, bundled warm against an autumn drizzle, do you pick apples as big as pumpkins?


You do?  Farmketeers, you are in luck.  Here at The ‘Creek, we are in the Dreams Business.  Big or small, modest or outrageous, your dreams can get a good start on the farm.  Let this Mutsu apple represent your most cherished dream.  As you can see, it has already outgrown its nest!  It is ready to fly unfettered into your future!

P1200269Mutsus are giant, delicious apples.  They are a rare flash of late October green.  They are sweet eaters and famous bakers.  In England, Mutsus are called “Oven Busters.”  You stick a Mutsu in the oven, then eat it with a spoon.  Split it with a friend as you share your dreams.

IMG_3733All orchards are now open — Vintage, Dwarf, Mutsu.  You will have to scavenge in some areas; other trees are heavy with fruit.  Cold is in the forecast and our crew is actively stripping trees; so, the situation is fluid.  Get out here and clear the orchards!  Only 1-2 weeks left in apple season!  There are lots of fresh-picked varieties at the farm stand.

P1190902Fresh-pressed cider!  Take home some cider to serve with Apple Potato Bacon Hash.  You can also splurge on cider donuts, served 11 AM to 4 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

IMG_7390Don’t wait til last minute to get your pumpkins!  We always run out before Halloween, and a small army of kids scored their dream pumpkins last weekend.

Picking for Puppies Part 2 - orange

Picking for Puppies, Part Poo, er, Two!  We’re going to send another check to a local animal shelter.  This time, you can pick Mutsu apples FOR 4 DAYS and we will donate to the Tompkins SPCA.  Save the date!


Zorro will help!

P1210289We are here by the wood stove every day til dark.  Come say hi.  Don’t be a stranger just because the weather is going to stink!  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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Cheap Honeycrisp Apples, Plentiful Pumpkins, and More Fun Reasons to Visit The ‘Creek This Week.

THIS WEEK WE CELEBRATE the apple harvest with a leap into agricultural hyperspace… also known as Instagram.  All photos are therefore square.

Screen Shot 2015-10-008

Yes, Courageous Creek-O-Nauts!  Time to embrace the future of farming on your phone, @indiancreekfarmithaca.


You can pick 14 kinds of apples this week!  Jonagold, Spartan, Autumn Gala, Snowsweet, Empire, Macoun, Early Fuji, Sir Prize, Fortune, Spigold, Prairie Spy, Nova Spy, Mac, and Cortland.  Mix and match, try new things.


Save up to 75¢ a pound on Honeycrisp!  Our everyday price of $2.25 a pound is way below the leading grocery stores.  You can save $7.50 on a 10-pound bag compared to the price we saw at one place.  Another supermarket was selling Honeycrisp at FOUR DOLLARS A POUND just a few miles from the farm!  Sheesh.


You can save even more on the Honeycrisp value bags:  $6 (half-peck) and $10 (peck).   That’s about a BUCK A POUND!  These are apples with surface blemishes, still great for eating and Honeycrisp recipes.  First come, first git!


Get Bartlett pears for only 99¢/lb!  These are “Number 2” pears perfect for cooking, canning, poaching, and snacking.  Also get Vintage Value bags of McIntosh apples for only $5.  They are picked and packed and ready.


Pick your dream pumpkins from the wiggly, shifting piles at the playground!  No messing with loppers or clomping through mud.  Hop off the swings, claim a gourd.


We always seem to run out well before Halloween.  So pick your pumpkins now!  (Plus we planted an ungourdly mess of them and we need your help giving them good homes.  Nobody cares about pumpkins on October 32nd.)


First sprouts of the year!  Lop your own!  Fresh Brussels sprouts are just plain awesome.  They make a wacky, nutritional gift for friends or coworkers.  Most people have never seen a sprout on the stalk.  Easy cooking!


We’re pressing fresh sweet cider every week.  Get your Orchard Ambrosia now at the height of apple season.  The cider donut machine will be running Saturday and Sunday 11 til 4.


The playground is always free.  There are swings for kids and grownups, a giant sandbox, Apple Mountain, and a real farm tractor that little kids love.  Last chance to wander the Sunflower Maze.  It is leaning over and wilty.


What a joy to meet so many farm fanatics down at the Apple Harvest Festival.  Thanks to the Happy Ladlers, our far-flung friends who helped us scoop hot cider for 30 hours.  And welcome to new fans who are reading their first “Fresh Crop Alert” after signing up on the Commons.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 11.48.32 AM

A round of applause for our Brazilian-Canadian orchard yoga team:  Daniel (, Jess, Yann, and Bilyana.  They sure lit a spark for passing pickers.  Well, Farmies, there are only a few weeks left.  It is high harvest season.  Come share the local bounty.  We are here every day til dark.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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October Fun: Superpumpkins, Sunflower Maze, and the Apple of the Apocalypse.

WHEN 4.2 BILLION PEOPLE went outdoors Sunday night to stare at the sky, they spoke in mystical tones about the Blood Moon, the Supermoon, and the apocalyptic lunar tetrad.


Farm Fans were different.  You instantly recognized the celestial Superpumpkin through your farm-colored glasses.  Yes, Loyal Farmketeers, that is why we love you so.

IMG_7144We heart you!  Yes we do!  Just for you, we have already lopped a love-ton of pumpkins off the vine and set them right by the playground.  Ithaca is gourdgeous!  Pick yours now.

1-IMG_7092We are an educational outfit.  We always encourage farm fans to use their heads.  To wit, here is the pricing system.


New this week:  14 kinds of apples to pick!  Jonagold, Spartan, Autumn Gala, Snowsweet, Empire, Macoun, Early Fuji, Sir Prize, Fortune, Spigold, Prairie Spy, Nova Spy, Mac, and Cortland. You can also get Honeycrisp Apples at the stand for only $2.25 a pound!

IMG_3070Grab your $5 Vintage Value bags and save about 50% on McIntosh apples!  The Mac was first propagated back in the 1820s.  Our trees have been producing Macs for almost 100 years.  Vintageous value.

IMG_7095Get “Number 2” Macs and Bartletts for only 99¢/lb!  These are good fruits that simply didn’t make display grade for aesthetic reasons such as blemishes.  Perfect for canning, cooking, saucing, snacking, and more.

2-FullSizeRender‘Tis the Season of the Sauce!  Apple sauce!  A notably healthful customer who runs marathons made this great stuff from Indian Creek apples picked by her kids.  No sugar added.  (But truthfully it needed a little more cinnamon.  Oh well, you can’t win ’em all, Champ!)

IMG_7143What is the sound of farming in the rain?  Squish, squash, squish, squash.  New this week, the first winter squash:  delicata, sweet dumpling, and acorn.  Also get mini-pumpkins and “ghost” mini-pumpkins (white).

3-IMG_7104The playground and sunflower maze are still here.  Please come wander around.  Then hang out at the stand with fresh-pressed cider and donuts!

1-IMG_7071-001Rain or shine, should be a fun weekend at the farm.  You’ve pretty much kicked the veggies, but there are apples galore, pumpkins a-plenty, cider, donuts, and fresh air.  If you happen to be downtown this weekend, find us at the Apple Festival.  Otherwise, hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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10 Reasons to Visit the Farm Now, Including Free Brain Massages While Supplies Last.

You KNOW what Mother is about to say.  You can cover your ears, close your eyes, stomp your feet, and hold your breath.  But she is still gonna say it.


Mother Nature is about to say, “Later, ‘maters!”  Yesterday was the autumnal equinox, and tomatoes will soon fly south.  There are beefsteaks to pick, but Romas, cherries, and heirlooms are scarce.  So there’s one reason to get out here:  Last chance to pick beefsteaks on weekdays for 75¢/lb!


Yes, Farmketeers, this is your last chance to savor the flavors of summer.   You can pick 6 kinds of peppers:  poblano, serrano, habanero, jalapeño, cayenne, Thai chili and bell.  Same with eggplant.  Hurry if you want some.


You can pick 7 kinds of apples:  Early Fuji, Macoun, Sir Prize, Empire, Sweet 16, McIntosh, and Cortland.  Cortlands are magic.  They don’t brown fast after you cut them.  (Why not?)  Perfect for school lunches and fruit salads.


Grab your $5 Vintage Value bags and save about 50% on McIntosh apples!  The Mac is a classic eater and saucer with a simple, sweet, and refreshing taste.  It was introduced back in the 1820s.  Our trees have been producing Macs for close to 100 years.  Vintage!


Get “Number 2” Macs and Bartletts for only 99¢/lb!  These are good fruits that simply didn’t make display grade for aesthetic reasons such as blemishes.  They are not Barbie-perfect, but they are perfect for your fruity purposes.  Perfect for canning, saucing, and snacking.


Free brain massages.  At the entrance to the sunflower maze, claim your free brain massage by saying the coupon code:  IAMHERENOW.  The invisible therapist will begin her work.  You can pick Cortland apples while you’re in session.

7-P1210089Fresh apple cider.  We press apples with an R2-D2 unit.  R2 pumps the Orchard Ambrosia into jugs.  Nothing but fruit.  It’s unpasteurized and delicious.  Freezes great like Han Solo.


Your new Cidergarden.  Kind of like a European biergarten, except with sweet cider.  And it’s in America.  And there’s only 3 tables.  But you get the drift.  A place to sit.


Teachable moments.  Kids can learn anything.  Bring them to Farm School for fruit appreciation.  Here, our model student uses the official 2-handed technique for apple picking.


Enjoy the free playground with Apple Mountain, swingset, sandbox, and tractor thingy.  Kids go apesh-t tumbling up and down Apple Mountain, but they know to leave the laundry fun for you.  Very thoughtful.

1-IMG_7014We love seeing people picking at the farm.  We also love when local businesses create local supply chains.  Eva of Business is Bloomin’ cuts flowers at the farm all the time.  Cool!


Come find us at the Apple Harvest Festival, Oct 2-4.  And stay tuned to Facebook for breaking pumpkin news.  Meantime, hope to see you in the sunflowers at The ‘Creek.

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Sunflower Maze, Apple Mountain, $5 Value Bags, Your New Cidergarden, and 7 Kinds of Apples to Pick!

OH, THE APPLE DOES TEMPT.  Does it not?  Hardly matters whether you are an Original Sin subscriber or Fossil Record fanboy, the luscious apple entices all the same.

01-IMG_6880But you dare not bite this one!  It is a Cortland apple and not quite ready.  (Or perhaps YOU are not ready for the unsweet wisdom it will impart!)  There are 7 other varieties to pick this week.  Ask at the stand, we will mark your map.

02-IMG_6850Even though the Cortlands are not ripe, we invite you to enter the Cortland section of the Vintage Orchard, where you can wander the Sunflower Maze.  It is quite the exercise in resisting temptation!  Don’t pick those apples!

03-IMG_6890And it’s a good place to ramble.  Suitable activities include looking, listening, and daydreaming.  See if you can turn off your phone for 12 minutes.  If not, try again.

04-P1060843When you are ready to pick apples, step into the McIntosh block, where you will find big old trees with orange ribbons.  Pick away.  You can also get $5 “Vintage Value” bags at the stand starting today!  We picked those Macs for you last night.

05-IMG_6924Next you can go to the Dwarf Orchard, where the trees are short and the apples hang at grab-me level.  We’ll mark your map for Dayton, Jonamac, Autumn Crisp, Empire (pictured), Gala, and Sweet 16.  Some of you have asked about Honeycrisp:  Get them at the stand now!

06-IMG_6932Sweet 16 is known for having flavors of licorice, cherry, and bourbon.  The official tasting notes say, “tastes like Cherry Twizzler” and it’s true!  A real candy apple.

07-P1180893In the veggie fields, you’ll find plentiful tomatoes.  Weekday special:  75¢ per pound u-pick Beefsteaks.  One of our Facebook fans picked 126 pounds this week!  Others filled their freezers and pantries with sauces and stews.

08-P1240060Also in the veggie field, you can pick abundant eggplant and peppers:  cayenne, jalapeño, habanero, poblano, serrano, Thai chili, bells.  Many are turning RED = HOT!

09-P1190902After you munch a few habaneros, you can wash them down with cold, crisp apple cider.  Pressed fresh every week into jugs to take home.  Unpasteurized.  Nothing but fruit.

10-IMG_6936New this week!  You can take a load off at the Cidergarden under the front porch.  Three picnic tables in the shade near the cider cooler, donut machine, and herb gardens.

Also new this week!  Apple Mountain!  Truth is, it is a pile of dirt.  But as you can see in the video, it takes the playground to a whole ‘nother level for kids.  Be sure to wear white.

1-IMG_6784Finally this week, we have great news.  You raised over $600 to help local animal shelters in need!  You picked Macs all day in the rain at “Picking for Puppies,” and we’re writing the check today!  Many thanks to you brave pickers.  And thanks to our collaborators at the Shelter Medicine Club of the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, including Kiko, Argos, and Georgia (1st row, L to R).

12-IMG_6812So, Local Food Lovers, you have done well.  You picked all the peaches; you cleared out the pears; and, you made a puppy’s day.  Your next assignment:  To kick off apple season good and proper!  We have our biggest apple crop EVER and we need you here!  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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