Fashion Forward Farm Outing: Pick Pears for Only 99¢/lb, and Pick Fresh Peaches, Apples, Tomatoes.

PEAR-SHAPED LADS AND LADIES, now is your time to shine.  You look great.  All of you Bartlett Botticellis will please take center stage on the runway as we unveil our ravishing late August collection.


Ravissante!  When peaches enter their final weeks and apples start percolating, pears hit their prime time—NOW!

1This is the time of year when we all cross “Bartlett Bridge” from Peachtown into Appleville.  Some of you will only go kicking and screaming, but stop kicking your sister or NO DONUTS when we get there!  Come pick pears for only 99¢ per pound—a farmalicious savings of exactly 34.00000%!

01-P1180497This is also a teachable moment:  You don’t let pears ripen on the tree.  You pick them just before they’re ripe.  Pears ripen from the inside out, and they will rot on the branch if you miss the moment.  Comedian Eddie Izzard has cried in frustration:  “Pears can -BLEEP- off, too, because they’re gorgeous little beasts but they’re ripe for half an hour…”  (Alert: language)

03-P1180491So here’s what you do:  Pick the pears on our signalREADY, GO!  Put them in your fridge for 1 to 2 days, then ripen them at room temperature for a couple days.  You can also kickstart things with the old brown bag trick.  Learn about ripening pears to perfection on this page and this page.

04-P1180535Summer’s not gone!  A new wave of peaches is ready for you.  So delicious.  Ask at the stand which rows.

05-IMG_6647You can also get whole pecks of peaches at the farm stand for only $18.  Rev up your snack supply.

aPick tomatoes, too!  Some Grumpy Grumperson complained recently that there were no tomatoes.  Farmer Allie went up to the field to investigate.  She picked 75 pounds in 25 minutes from 1 quarter of 1 side of 1 row.  Moral of the story:  Beautiful candy-red Beefsteaks and Romas for good-tempered pickers in the 2 back rows.  Thanks to 112 of you who gave us a Facebook rah-rah on this matter.

1-P1240008Sansa, Zestar, and Gingergold apples.  These are quality early apples with a sweet-tart zest for living.

07-IMG_6642Fresh apple cider!  Don’t wait til October to enjoy Orchard Ambrosia.  Taste the changes each week as different seasonal apples are brought into the press.  Simple foodie magic.

08-P1190927Donuts.  Get them fresh—made from Orchard Ambrosia—on Saturday and Sunday 11ish to 4ish.

09-P1240111Still a babillion flowers to pick.  Farmer Alice totally blew it up this year.  Cut your own as you wander round.

10-P1230727Folks, we’re going shirtless.  Won’t you scoop up the last of our t-shirt inventory?  They’re stupid cute on kids and hand-drawn.  Just 10 bucks a pop.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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Tomatoes Climb Apple Trees While Donuts Get Suspicious and Peaches Pick Their Own Dang Selves.

FARMER STEVE SITS ATOP his gigantic rickety tractor.  Scans the crops with one eye.  Studies a nimbus cloud with the other.  He is all silence and a furrowed brow.  He is cogitating and formulating.  At last, he hollers the week’s directive to the sales team, “Don’t hard sell the peaches, they’re picking themselves!”


What is this world coming to?  Self-picking peaches?  (Well, that’s what it seems like with you people gobbling them up so fast.)


What next?!  Before you know it, the donuts will become self-aware and eat themselves.  Better grab these old-time treats while you can.  Served fresh Saturday and Sunday, 11ish to 4ish.


Behind every good cider donut, there’s an even better cider.  Second pressing of the year.  Cold, crisp, and delicious.


Where there’s smoke, there’s fire; where there’s cider, there’s apples.  Now picking, the best earlies: Zestar, Gingergold, and Sansa.


It’s tomato time.  The rows of Romas are busting loose.  Please come pick pecks for sauces, salads, and salsas.


Beefsteaks, too.  They’re neither beefs nor steaks.  But they go great with both.  Mild-mannered but capable of surprising feats.


Peppers a-plenty.  Bells, jalapeños, cayennes… How about these poblanos grilled with cream cheese, basil, lemon zest, garlic, and onion stalks?!  Submitted by Facebook fan Katie.


Eggplant.  A truly multicultural fruit.  Lives for your stir fry.  Loves your ghanouj.  Longs for your melanzana.


Farmer Alice has more flowers than you have thoughts.  Think about THAT.  At least ten hundred squillion need picking here.


Farm Facebooker Katie gets Farmketeer of the Week.  Not only did she stuff those poblanos, but she whupped up 2 PEACH PIES!  Got any pics of your farm foods?  We’ll post the best if you send them to  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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Peaches, Apples, Vegetables, and the First Cider of the Year.

WHO IS THE BEST PERSON to be stuck on a desert island with?  A dreamy star like Burt Reynolds or Bo Derek?  A brilliant doctor to save you from mosquito bites?  A Wall Street attorney to help you milk that island good and proper?  These guesses are incorrect!

toneThe correct answer is:  a FARMER.  Farmers think ahead.  They plan for the future.  They improvise against all odds.  They have magnificent, flowing hair.  And they make FOOD.  You’ll need food on your island adventure.

2-P1210120Like APPLE CIDER.  First pressing of the year!  Get it crisp and cold.  It’s a sweet-tart blend with Pristines and Esmeraldas, our secret wonder apples picked off one old mysterious tree.

3-P1160613PEACHES.  We’ve opened Rows 6 & 7, and they’re gonna get picked fast.  Fanatics of the Red Haven variety will be elbowing you out of the way.  Just tell them the best stuff is in Row 88 near the free gold bullion dispenser.  That will keep ’em busy.

4-P1230535PEACH PECKS.  You can get $18 pecks of peaches at the stand.  That’s a great deal and we only have 50 pecks this weekend.  They’ll go fast.  Shop while supplies last.

gingGINGER GOLD APPLES.  Widely regarded as one of the best early apples, these are ready when you see a “mellow shoulder,” meaning a subdued hue rather than a bright green.

5-P1240017SANSA APPLES.  Pick these children of Gala, and you’ll taste Gala’s inherent sweetness, but with more early-season acidity.

6-P1170802TOMATOES.  First wave of romas and beefsteaks are kicking in.  Look down low on the plants for the ripe ones.

eggEGGPLANT.  Whoever picked these 50 tiny baby eggplants and left them in a box to rot, umm, you left your earbuds.  Despite your dubious deed, there are plenty of eggplants to pick.  No babies, please!

pepperpuppywPEPPERS.  Jalapeños, cayennes, poblanos, bells… lots to pick.  A farm fan sent this photo of a cute little fluffy thing who reportedly licks jalapeños then chases the cat around the house.

hillCUKES.  Probably on their way out, but the field is open.  Look at these “lacto-fermented cukes and scapes” by farm fan @hillaryboucher!

8-P1240061FLOWERS.  We have 1.5 million just waiting for you.  Cut your own all round the farm.  They won’t last forever.

tbDid you know that Farmer Bruno has made over 1.5 million fruit trees?  That’s right, he’s grafted or budded them by hand!  The kind of guy you want on your desert island.  And he never falls of his chair.

7-P1240082Thank you for supporting the farm.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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You Can Too!  Create Your Own Fruit & Veggie Fantasy Worlds with the Latest Fresh Crops.

OK, FOLKS.  Time to let your inner children run free in the toy store of crop country.  Farmer Allie has opened the VEGGIE FIELDS for picking, so you can pick all the specimens you need to create edible fantasy worlds and wee funny dioramas.  You, too, can play with your food.

2-P1060065The eggplant rows are ready for you!  Host your own aubergine arts festival like Eggplantapalooza—4 years ago today!

3-P1100044Peppers, too!  Launch your Pepperoo!  Plenty of green bells, jalapeños, and cayennes; others will ripen in the weeks ahead.

4-P1110055Then find your first few red tomatoes of the season…  throw in peaches and apples… grab goodies at the stand… and you can rock the world with your own private Veggiestock.

5-P1170476When will tomatoes really kick in?  They are holding their annual meeting to make final arrangements for a grander opening.

6-P1170492We’ll send more tomato news next week.  We have our best reporters on the scene.  Stay tuned.

7-P1230944Meanwhile, back in the “real world” of summer internships, Helena and Cam are tying tomatoes, as the activity is called by professionals.  Farmer Allie is instilling in these youngsters a work ethic that will guarantee them a 4th-place finish in the game of life.

flowsOn the customer side, you all are performing well.  These photos come from farm fan Katina, who created a lovely bouquet using stems she cut on her most recent picking trip.  Thanks for connecting with us on Facebook.

8-P1230961When you come to pick PEACHES, ask at the stand which rows are hot.  Of course, everybody loves peaches so the orchard will get bumrushed.  If you get beat to the best picking, remember you can buy a peck of juicy peaches (about 12 pounds) down at the stand for only $18, which works out to about $1.50/lb… same as the u-pick price!

appsWhen you come to pick APPLES, ask where to find the ripe varieties.  This week, we will send you to Williams’ Pride, the first red apple of the year.  Apple tip:  To get a supermarket sheen while retaining the farm-fresh taste, simply shine with your shirt!

cardsWhen you come to pick PEACHES AND APPLES, please take our tutorial cards.  Don’t just rip fruit off the trees.  Easy, Tiger, we hear you roar (SOUNDS VERY IMPRESSIVE!), but it’s wasteful to claw at fruit like a caveperson.  Take a moment to learn these simple country living skills, then you can lord that vintage knowledge over your friends.

9-P1230922Finally, a few words of inspiration from farm fan Martha:

“Just froze 12 quart bags of your delicious peaches with lemon juice.  I am happy and content.  They will lift my spirits and give me a taste of summer when I zap them and put them in my oatmeal on a cold winter morning.  Thank you for the blessing of beautiful and abundant fruit you share with us!” 

Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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Peach Picking Begins with 26 Jars of Whoopass and a $10 Special on ‘Creek Crates.

DEAR FARM FANS:  Everybody’s great.  Everyone gets a trophy.  As it is in life, so it is on the farm.  But peach season has begun and, truth be told, some of you will come out ahead while some of you will end up sulking.  That’s because—even though it’s not a competition—many vainglorious locavores positively shrivel at being outdone.

11749595_10207575006477094_55771854_nWe don’t like to stir the pot, but one local family just dropped 26 jars of peach whoopass on y’all.  Dedicated pickers Brenden, Cari, and Isabella came out last week when everybody was pooh-poohing our low sugar culinary peaches… and just look at what they did.  Picked 3 boxes of peaches and made a winter’s worth of preserves.  Booyah.

11798022_10207575006437093_1528440062_nRunning up the score, Brenden’s tribe also picked 25 pounds of cukes which made 36 jars of pickles.  (Cukes are picked out for the moment, so to the winners went the spoils.)  Thanks to Brenden for sending the inspiring pics and bringing his gang to the farm.  He said, “We think it’s very important for our kids know where our food comes from.”

01-P1230792Anyway, the moment you’ve all been waiting for:   Peaches sweet enough that you don’t need to add factory sprinkles.

1-P1170205Yes, the sweet peaches have been primping backstage with help from their eggplant handlers.  Tuning and tweaking til they were fully on fleek.  Ask at the stand which rows are picking.  And just in case you get here after a heavy crowd, we have pre-picked peaches at the stand that you can get for the u-pick price, $1.50 a pound!

03-P1230758The moment you have NOT been waiting for:  Pristine apples are ready to pick.  Many of you can’t deal with apples emotionally yet.  Apples make you think of the F-word.  Fall.

04-P1230762But Pristines are ready and it’s still only July.  Get up to the west end of Row 7 in the Dwarf Orchard and pick yourself a peanut butter vehicle.

06-P1230768Do you ever feel plum crazy?  We’ve picked a few in our little orchard.  Soft and juicy Gobstoppers.  Drool.

05-P1230736Flowers continue in superabundance.  Cut your own as you roam the foodlands.  Or buy a bouquet designed in the mind of Farmer Alice.

P1230749Warning:  Please do not pick baby eggplant.  In fact, we haven’t opened the veggie fields yet, but Sneaky McSneakersons have snuck in and plucked the babes from their cribs.  Too mean!  Let them grow.

cratesAnd now for something completely different.  You can get your own apple crates for only $10—and use them for picking, hauling, furniture, decorations, whatever.  We have a ton and you can choose the branded Indian Creek ones or the antiquey ones as you like.

08-P1230783Here’s the idea:  Every time you pick a bushel of fruits and veggies, you end up using a few plastic bags.  Those cost the farm a couple dollars, money that goes straight to the petroleum lobby.  If you’re feeling old-fashioned and fruit-forward, try a wooden crate instead of the plastic bags.  It’s a win-win.

09-P1230779You can buy wooden crates in stores for $17, $20, even $30.  These are the farm-fresh  article for only $10.  Branded with an iron brand.  Or pick the shabbier-chic version for adorning your garden.  Heck it’s not even a bad price for kindling.


And finally a shout-out to our Silver Medal Customers-of-the-Week.  Check out this tweet from farm fan Jhoanna.  Awesome!  See you round Facebook and Twitter, and hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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99¢ U-Pick Peaches, $3 Lavish Lillies, and a $4 Pesto Power Pack.

DEAR FARMKETEERS:  The Golden Rule has been stated so many different ways.  In farm country, we say, “Do unto peaches as you would have people do unto you.”  That means treat every peach with dignity—even the humble, early specimens that aren’t all sugar and dandiness and flamboyance.

01-P1170058We are calling the first wave of peaches our “Low Fructose Culinary Confectioner’s Peaches.”  Come pick them NOW because they are ideal for your preserves, pastries, cobblers, and jams, since you’ll be adding sugar anyway.  You’ll find these not-so-sweet peaches in Row 1.  Pick them for only 99¢/POUND through SUNDAY!

02-P1090322You can supplement your haul with PA peaches at the stand.  They are “peach-sweet” and ready for drooling.1-IMG_6414

It is also time to outfit your home with Lavish Lillies™ grown here in our kitchen garden.  These are BIG mofos (see our scale model).  “Lavish” means sumptuous, luxurious, splendid, fancy—all apt descriptions of your soul, no doubt.  And at $3/stem, you can afford to invest in yourself.

04-IMG_6450Better yet:  Get 3 stems for only $8!  That’s $1 back in your pocket.  (Do you sneeze at a dollar?  Are you allergic?!)  You can allow yourself to splurge on 3 stems when you recall Rodney Dangerfield’s alternate version of the Golden Rule:  “Look out for #1 and try not to step in #2.”

05-IMG_6412Cynics have often said that the Golden Rule really means, “Whoever has the gold makes the rules.”  Well, we’re offering everyone a chance to take a share of the power with the new Pesto Power Pack™.  For just $4, you get a bunch of basil AND these farm-fresh, hand-harvested garlic scapes that are worth their weight in gold.  Power to the pesto!

06-P1160863What else is cooking?  You can pick Yellow Transparent apples–great for saucing, drying, and freezing.  You can go treasure hunting for the last of the summer raspberries.  Next apples to pick will be Pristines, ready real soon.  The fall raspberries will come around later.

07-IMG_6432Pick your own cucumbers.  Field is right near the stand.  As if the cukes weren’t water-packed enough, there is a small flood in the field.  Slop around or tiptoe as you like.

08-IMG_6435Get the season’s first peppers at the stand:  jalapeños, serranos, green and purple bells, and more kinds on the way.

09-IMG_6445Farmer Allie has also started picking eggplant!  Fairytales, Japanese, and a few Classic.  The u-pick field will open soon.  Stay tuned.

10-IMG_6360You can roam the farm and cut your own flowers.  It’s pretty fun.  Make a bouquet or get one at the stand.  They make lovely gifts, if you want to go old-school Golden Rule.

11-IMG_6368Last chance to pick through this crop of Indian Creek shirts.  Mostly kid sizes are left.  Size 8 fits puppies 6-9 months, while size 10 will cover some yearlings.  Now only $10 for a hella cute, home-drawn shirt, hand-screened in Ithaca.

12-IMG_6361Speaking of kids and little shi(r)ts… umm… yeah!  Anyway, tune into Facebook to get upates on peach picking status between crop alerts.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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Flowers, Berries, Apples, Herbs, Peaches, Veggies, and More!

TAKE A SPIN through this week’s crop catalog, including stuff you can pick and goodies you’ll find at the stand.

2Farmer Alice has created a phantasmagoria of cut-your-own flower options.  Walk around the farm.  See and snip.  (And check out the new the HOW-TO sign.)

2rsDepending on when you get here, Raspberry Wave 3 could be ready for your party.  Waves 1 and 2 were devoured.

3apNobody has ever thrown a party for the start of Yellow Transparent Apple season.  Maybe you could make these tart little fellows feel appreciated with a hoot or holler.  They are your earliest option for homebaked pies and sauces.

5hFarmer Allie, not to be confused with Farmer Alice, says we have a “kickass” herb garden this year.  Pick your own basil, parsley, oregano, sage, dill, and mint.  And try the NEW PESTO SPECIAL:  A bag of garlic SCAPES (normally $4) plus a bundle of BASIL (normally $1-2) for only $4!  Kinda like free basil.

1Now don’t start flipping parked cars and toppling statues in celebration, but peach picking season will begin SUNDAY.  MODESTLY.  It’s a soft launch, not the initial public offering.  We got 1 row ready to go, and honestly these specimens haven’t sugared up that well.  But they are perfect peaches for pies and jams—and you can pick them!  Please stop at the stand before you go picking.  We’ll give you a map, a box, and the spiel, including our “How to Pick a Peach” tutorial which you must read aloud to your rugrats before ripping into the poor little orchard.

peachesIf you don’t want to pick your own peaches, or you miss our first wave, take home some PA peaches from the stand.

6Supplement your picking adventures with blueberries pre-packed for you at the stand.

8We’re stocking the stand with fresh-picked zucchini and cucumbers.  Several types.

lillNew in our 2015 Colors Collection, these Lavish Lilies will surely have your friends asking, “How DO you live so well?”

shirtFarm shirts!  Only $10 each—reduced for quick sale to kick off the summer.  Mostly kid sizes are left.  They’re really cute on kids.  Ask about colors and sizes.

1-IMG_6319Quote of the week, overheard at the farm stand:  “Mom, they have farm-fresh cookies!  And they’re only a dollar for 3!  Can we get some?!”  He’d read the sign alright.  But that’s CUKES, lad, cukes!  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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5,000 Redheads Can’t Be Wrong; Come Get Fresh Raspberries, Flowers, Cukes, and Zukes.

DEAR FARMILY MEMBERS:  You can find the new farm booklet at the stand.  Please take a copy.  The pumpkin-haired strawberry-ginger on the cover, acting as official mascot of the 2015 season, urges you to study the map inside.


Many of the fields have changed location this year.  That’s what they call a crop “rotation.”  Download it here.


You’ll note 3 peach orchards, 1 raspberry patch, mutiple tomato fields, and other changes.  Download the brochure.


If your dog eats your copy between visits, please take another.  We have 5,000 of them and we proofed each one.  Can 5,000 redheads be wrong?  No way!  How about 5,000 Deadheads?  Umm, yeah, probably.


Raspberries are back after yins picked the first batch clean.  A sunny weekend ahead will bring ripe berries and rival pickers.  Determined hunters should find plenty; lazy ones might catch the “green sickness,” as Doctor Shakespeare called envy.


This was our most popular Facebook post ever.  What does that say about YOU GUYS?!


New this week!  Cut your own flowers.  You can cut any flowers you find and pay at the stand.  You’ll also find bouquets that we’ve arranged for sale.  We have more flowers than ever this year, and many will bloom over the coming weeks.


At the stand you can get cukes and zukes.  We’re picking them and filling containers for you.


Soft launch of the farm stand!  We’ll have a real human at the helm from noon to 5 on Saturday.  When nobody is working, you can use the self-serve box dawn to dusk.


Almost forgot!  The rumor is:  Peaches could arrive from PA this weekend!  These would be the first regional peaches to hold you over until we open our orchards in a few weeks.


Cityfolk are tussling over very momentous legislation.  It is illegal to keep chickens within the city limits; but, some citizens are proposing to allow up to 4 chickens per lot.  Meanwhile, just a few clucks from City Hall, one particular chicken is warming up her piano chops… Tune in next week to see if she is ready to roll!  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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We Hold These Fruits to Be Self-Evident; Raspberry Picking; and, Summer Squash.

WE HOLD THESE FRUITS to be self evident, that all berries are NOT created equal.  Fresh off the vine is WAY better than boxed in plastic at the supermarket!

1-IMG_6303Just ask this platoon of pickers.  They found gobs of perfect berries after getting the tipoff on Facebook.  These kids excelled at looking UNDER the leaves for juicy berries.

2-P1050540Where’s all the fricking raspberries?!  Don’t be that guy.  If you don’t see berries in plain view, look beneath the leaves.  There are a lot of pickers coming to the farm, but with a little “LUCK and LOOK” you won’t leave empty-handed in a huff.

IMG_62883 cheers for our patriotic cover models… displaying the red, white, and blue just before we declare independence from the tyrannical British royals again.  Ritually, anyway.

4-P1050613GO USA SOCCER!  Our gals will be in the World Cup final on Sunday.  (Now if the lads could just follow their lead!)

5-IMG_6281Proof that summer really is kicking in, we have TWO crops going now:  raspberries and summer squash.  Get your zukes at the farm stand; we’ll keep it stocked.

1-P1060572Also an insider tip from Farmer Alice:  Pick-your-own flowers should be starting next week.  She went nuts and grew our biggest flower crop ever!  Gonna be a sight.

1-P1050601That’s your Fresh Crop Alert for July 3, 2015.  Remember to get daily crop updates on Facebook.  Tune in next week for our special newscast called, 5,000 Redheads Can’t Be Wrong.”  Meanwhile have a safe and happy holiday weekend.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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What the Puppy Found in the Peach Orchard, and Encouraging Words from the Crops.

DEAR FARM FANS:  Our new summer intern, called Turbo by humans and Woof by dogs, is finding tons of baby peaches rotting on the ground.

2-IMG_6212Which is a good thing!  We’re “thinning” down a bountiful crop to help the remainders grow juicy and sweet.

P1160373Despite a b-tchy winter, ALL the crops are looking jolly.  Peaches, apples, vegetables—all good so far.

3-P1220525Raspberries, too.  We have 1 field this year, and light picking started yesterday, as our Facebook friends already know.  It’s a soft launch to the season.  If you get here before the Joneses, you might find good picking in Row 1.  You can get daily mini-updates on our Facebook and Twitter.  Assume the Joneses already do.

1-P1150208Do you have a strawberry-shaped hole in your heart this year?  (See why some fans do.)  Maybe raspberry picking will help.  Or how about these encouraging words from delicious fresh crops that are coming soon…

b7We will holler when the stand is open and stocked with blubes.  Got a new field that we’ll be picking for you.

P1160608Farmer Steve says, “We’re gonna have peaches to move.”  You’ll see 3 peach orchards going in parallel this year!

matoFor many people, it’s the taste of summer:  fresh tomatoes.  Farmer Allie has been tending them real nice.


Peppers, eggplant, summer squash… good stuff you can pick starting in July.  Stay tuned for weekly Fresh Crop Alerts and daily updates on Facebook and Twitter.

IMG_3054Farmer Steve again: “Apple crop looks awesome!” You never know after a b-tchy winter, but we’re on track for best ever.

P1130270Pumpkins, squash, cider, donuts… all kinds of great stuff ahead.  But let’s not talk about fall stuff yet!  Yeesh.

IMG_6180Okay, back to work, knocking perfectly good peaches off the trees.  (Farming can be counterintuitive.)  The season will officially begin soon when you hear the trumpet sounding chicken playing piano.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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