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Donut Birds Have Flown the Coop; Humans Have Skeedaddled Too; See Your Pretty Photos and Smile – You Raised $500 to Protect Land & Water Forever; Last Crack Apples, Sprouts, Squashes, Ciders.

BELOVED ‘CREEKNIKS & FARMKETEERS:  Of all the astonishing behaviors in the vegetable kingdom, perhaps none inspires so much bewilderment – and such a collective sense of resignation about the inexorable advance of winter – as the precipitous annual exodus of … Continue reading

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What Do You Get When You Cross a Bat Goddess, an Orchard Pooch, A Longhorn Steer, and a Rambling New Mexico Desert Jackal? Also, Last Apple Picking Spree of 2018; Sprouts, Cider, Donutssss.

DEAREST FARMKETEERS:  To call it a picking “spree” is hyperbole of Trumpanian proportions.  We will probably have like 5 customers this weekend.  It is supposed to be cold and blarggy and that will freeze the fire in the belly of … Continue reading

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Pick Apples Now to Save Land & Water Forever – Farm Will Donate $5 to Conservation for Every Peck You Pick; Still Open with Mutsu, Fuji, Red Spy & Heirlooms; Lop Your Sprouts; Cider & Donuts; November Hours.

DEAR ‘CREEKNIKS & FARMKETEERS:  We prefer not to call ourselves “small farmers.”  We are people of various sizes on a small farm.  Does that work for you?  Just sorting out these things emotionally as election season bubbles to a hubbub … Continue reading

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Last Fresh Crop Alert of October: Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe; Last Crack Pumpkin Sale; 20+ Apple Varieties Ready to Pick; Free Picking on a Secret Tree Called Bonkers; Cider, Sprouts, Donuts; Rain or Shine or Shizzle.

FARMKETEERS & ‘CREEKNIKS:  We are in this together.  We, the bumbling peoples of Earth, have only each other.  We are floating alone through spacetime.  Or are we?  In this week’s Fresh Crop Alert, we tackle that cosmic conundrum by pondering … Continue reading

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12 Reasons to Visit the Farm Now; Prized Mutsu Apples Open for Picking; Weekday Sprout Deal & Expanded Pumpkin Sale; and, Astonishing Truth About “Spy” Apples Shockingly Revealed!

BELOVED FARMKETEERS & ‘CREEKNIKS:  You’ll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind.  This is true even for the headiest smarty-pantses of Ithaca.  Our little town has virtuoso thinkers strolling the promenades.  More polymaths per capita than … Continue reading

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Controlled Chaos in Apple Country as Whole Heirloom Orchard is Suddenly Opened to U-Pickers; Meanwhile Pumpkins & Sprouts Threaten to Steal Thunder from Donuts; “We Just Have to Keep Things Balanced,” Says Sed.

DEAR FARMKETEERS & CONVIVIAL ‘CREEKNIKS:   Have you met Sed here at the farmstand?  Even when Sed is trapped in a torrent of donut-addled shoppers, Sed is nice and steady.  Nice and “seddy,” as we say.  Sed is very balanced.  Can … Continue reading

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Jumbo October Sales on U-Pick Pumpkins, Apple & Pear Packs, and Cider for Homebrew Moonshine; Rare Monday Donuts(!), Everything You Need for “Fire Cider,” and, Ten Great Women in Science.

BELOVED FARMKETEERS & LOYAL ‘CREEKNIKS:  Welcome to the “Women in Science” issue of Fresh Crop Alerts & Farm Buzz.  Two Nobel prizes awarded this week, physics and chemistry, were shared by women.  This is all too rare.  The physics prize, … Continue reading

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Donut Robot Lands on Commons; Fifteen Reasons to Pick Apples & Pumpkins Now, Each Paired with One of George Washington’s Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior; $1.95/lb for U-Pick Farm Dog.

BELOVED FARMKEETEERS & LOYAL ‘CREEKNIKS:  The Fresh Crop Alerts get simpler this time of year.  Peaches are kaput.  Pears picked.  Strawberries a hazy memory.  Veggies are packing for Vegas.  That leaves apples.  It is apple season.  And pumpkin season.  Little … Continue reading

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High Appleeee Season Beginssss! Pick Honeycrisp, Fuji, Cortland, Mac, Pears, Pumpkins, Veggies, Flowers, Lastttt Peaches (Srsly!); Donuts; Cider; and, 16 Biscuits of Wisdom from the Farmer’s Cupboard of Knowledge.

DEAR FARMKETEERS:  Kids are back in school.  Teachers, too.  Everybody’s getting real smartlike.  But there’s learning to be got right here in Farm School.  Heavy reasonin’ and lofty waxin’.  In today’s Fresh Crop Alert, we share 16 tidbits of erudition … Continue reading

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Lastttt Weekend to Pick Peaches! First Chance to Pick HONEYCRISP & McIntosh Apples, Exotic Pears, Dream Pumpkins! Go Time for Tomatoes & Peppers; Bulk Cider Pressing for Your Homebrew.

LOYAL ‘CREEKNIKS… BELOVED FARMKETEERS:  Can you tell by the headline that it is Boom-Boom-Boom around the farm right now? Boom.  This is the LAST WEEKEND of u-pick peaches.  They will soon be as scarce as deviled eggs after a church … Continue reading

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