Donut Peaches Open for U-Picking & Big-Time Peach Picking Begins; Irresistible Baby Eggplants for Perfect Pickling; Sweet Corn Keeps Getting Sweeter; Your New Loo.

DEAR FARMKETEERS, everybody always wants to know:  “What have you done for me lately?  What will you do for me next?”  Our answer to both is:  “Donuts.”

What have we done for you lately?  Opened the donut peaches for u-picking.  This is big news for you fanatics.  You can expect the customary orchard bumrush when word gets out.  It is first come, first git.  Sorry, we cannot take reservations for these precious toroids of fructotic splendor.  Pairing suggestion:  Interlard your donut peaches with actual DONUT-donuts, served fresh and usually pretty warm every Saturday and Sunday 10 AM to 6 PM.  Kabobs, anyone?

What will we do for you next?  Share the cutest donut peach recipe – Personal Cobbler.  The peach you see peeking out of that ramekin was originally used in a farmstand photo shoot (“kabob” photo at top).  One lucky ‘Creeknik, @darcymartinrose, happened to be nearby when the display models turned into freebies.  She took the donuts home and paid it forward with this droolworthy photo and recipe:

  • one donut peach from The ‘Creek diced small
  • one Tbsp butter
  • one Tbsp brown sugar
  • one Tbsp rolled oats
  • cinnamon

Darcy Rose says:  Put your diced peaches in a ramekin.  Fork up the sugar, butter, and oats to make a rough crumble.  Smoosh it on top of your peaches.  Sprinkle with cinnamon.  Stick it in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes.  Don’t share with anyone.  Thank you, Darcy Rose!  You = Farmketeer of the Week.  Plus 5 points for “ramekin.”

Even bigger news for donut fetishists:  Our secret NEW DONUT ORCHARD out back.  Don’t ask where it is and don’t go sniffing around.  It is guarded by a mercurial beast called Zorro.  We are picking these babies for you.  They are even specialer than the U-pick ones.  Ask at the farmstand for these bigger, juicier, flavorier specimens.  Gamechangers.

Zorro:  130 pounds of somnolent fluff.  Genetically, he has the hardware for long days of mountain work in the Pyrenees.  Culturally, his software has been hacked by the hippy ethos of Ithaca.  A dogologist might describe this hybrid creation as an alpine canine bong hit, Canus alpinus bongus.  He has an infinitude of engrossing if dubious ideologies to ponder in daytime dreamland.  Please wake him when you go poking around for secret orchards.  He is supposed to work.

Not to bury the lead story beneath dogs and donuts:  it is PEACH SEASON proper.  We are going to need you Farmketeers en masse over the next few weeks; row after row of peaches will be opened for picking.  We want everyone to share in this bountiful harvest.  Possible hail storms in the forecast – we shudder to remember what 3 minutes of hail does to peaches.  Come pick while the fruit is happy.

William’s Pride is the name of the apples you can pick.  On your walk to Row 7 in the Dwarf Orchard you can debate whether it is properly Williams’, William’s, or Williams.  The internet has not decided.  When you get to Row 7, you can pick your first apples of the year.  These are RED APPLES, which seems to be what everyone has been holding out for.  The yellow and green apples that kicked off the season were treated with precisely the contempt we have come to expect.  Sigh.  Note:  You can also pick Pristine apples in Row 7.  They are yellowy.  Additionally in Row 7, sandwiched between William’s and Pristine, are Sansa apples.  Sansa are NOT ready yet.

Dusky’s sweet corn is an OMGawdsend.  Just crushing it with his second year as a corn cropper at The ‘Creek.  Eat it right outta the pot or, like these juveniles of the farmer species, right offa the stalk cavewoman style.  Zero butter and even less salt than that.  (But try Old Bay Seasoning!)

Baby eggplant bonanza!  Pick your own!  Farmer Steve says eggplant is a headline this week.  ESPECIALLY the baby purple Fairytales and baby Japanese varieties – perfect for pickling!  How many of you are actually picklers is a question we don’t have to tackle right now.  Steve is just throwing it out there:  Please come pick Fairytale and Japanese eggplants, including the babies, despite our usual lament about such cradlerobbing.  Now is the time.  Pickle and stirfry and baba ghanoujjjjj.  The “normal” godfearing Italian-American eggplants are pickable, too, but not in big abundance yet.

What else is pouring out of the cornucopia?  You can pick sweet peppers, hot peppers, and the first tomatoes.  All types of tomatoes are ready (they were late for the photo shoot) but the tomato field is not explosive yet.  The farm stand is more loaded each week with goodies as August crops hit prime time.  We also stock local honeys and syrups from our friends around the corner.  Cut your own flowers.  Locally foraged mushrooms from time to time.  Pick up treats for friends.

Now back to the food.  Because, you know, all those fresh fruits and vegetables we’ve just covered don’t count as food.  Like when you’re a kid and you’re like, “Mommmm, there’s nothing to eattttt,” while the fridge and cupboards are full of good food.  Just no CHEETOHS or LITTLE DEBBIES is what you meant.  Well look what Farm Fan @gazzellie brings us today:  pancakes stuffed with peanut butter and blueberry peach jam!  Short stack o’ power.

Farmketeer Kelly made peach pizza = PEACHZZA.  Don’t say, “Ewww!  Fruit doesn’t belong on pizza!  We are not in Hawaii!”  Kelly will become Yelly and say she’s not sending you the photo.  Then she will send you the photo.  She perfected this recipe to bring around the haters:  “Homemade dough topped with ricotta cheese and local peaches cooked on the grill.  Finished with chopped basil and splashes of balsamic.”

Farm Buddy Hannah is at it again:  Japanese kabocha!  Ever the adventurer, she took a flier on Emily’s new squash, slathered it with oil and herbs, and roasted at 350 for 40 minutes.  “Luxury abounds,” she rhapsodized, “tastes like decadent softness itself.”

Farm Alumna Anna K. made the New York Times!  Our dear friend, and long-time fan of the farm dogs, studies foxes.  “Dr. Kukekova and a team of scientists in the United States, Russia and China, sequenced the red fox genome for the first time and then compared three strains of red foxes — farm bred, selected for tameness and selected for aggressiveness.”  See the story in the New York Times.  Hi, Anna!

Your deluxe new playground port-a-potty with sink, mirror, standup, and sitdown.  ‘Creeknik Elisha wrote, “Seriously deluxe!  Had my birthday there last weekend, was expecting my guests to haul down to the storefront to use facilities.  Was a pleasant surprise when I found this there.  I swear every guest complimented that it was the nicest port-a-potty they had ever used.  Flushing action, no smell, and a pretty bright light (maybe solar?) for after dark.  Thank you, Indian Creek!  You keep on improving on being my happy place…”  Guess it’s the small things... that ring big.

Thank you for partying with us.  Love to y’all.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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Pick Peaches, Veggies, and Flowers; Eat Dusky’s Delicious Sweet Corn; Say Hi to Your Deluxe New Potty; First 4 Trees of Donut Peaches; ¡¿Esmeralda Mystery Apples?!

WHO IS THE BEST PERSON to be stuck on a desert island with? A dreamy star like Tom Selleck or Morgan Fairchild? A brilliant doctor to save you from mosquito bites? A Wall Street lawyer to help you milk that island good and proper? These guesses are incorrect!

The correct answer is:  FARMER.  Farmers think ahead.  They plan for the future.  They improvise against the odds.  And they make FOOD.  You will need food on your exotic island adventure.  Such as donut peaches.  A marvelous invention.  There are 4 trees of donut peaches ready for you to pick.   Exactly 4 – not 5 or 6.  That means they might be picked clean by the time you get here.  Farmer Steve said we probably shouldn’t even mention them.  Oops, the cat is out of the bag.

Yes, the cat is out the bag… and into the sweet corn.  Dusky’s Delicious™ SummerSweet™ corn works across species lines.  It is not genetically modified – we don’t have GMO crops – but it is engineered through classical plant breeding to appeal to humans and felines.  Last weekend Dusky sold clean outta ears so get your dozen stat.  But wook at doze fuzzy earsss!

Pick peaches.  You should find plenty of regular peaches even after the 4 donut trees get whupped.  Ask at the stand which rows are ready.  You really can’t tell just by looking.  And you don’t want to test by squeezing a bunch and ruining them.  Just ask and we’ll point you to the ripes and almost ripes.  Store them on the counter in a bag and boom they’ll be ready.

If the donut peaches are picked out, no tantrums please.  You can get DONUT-donuts instead.  Those are cooking Saturday and Sunday 10 to 6.  If the DONUT-donuts aren’t happening when they should be, a small tantrum is permitted.  But really small.  Like totally inside your head.  Or you can squinkle your toes or sniffle your mucilaginous membranes.  But please don’t hurt the donut person.  They are a person and not a donut.  Last Saturday we were short a lad and the donuts started late.  Let’s see if we can fumble our way toward a perfect 10:00 AM start this weekend.  Ready go.

Pick tomatoes, eggplant, peppers.  Same deal about the tantrums.  These crops are just getting rolling.  You will find some heirloom and cherry tomatoes; Italian, Japanese, and fairytale eggplant; and first sweet peppers.  Now here’s the thing about tomatoes and cracks.  A cracked tomato, if left on your counter in 90 degree heat at high humidity, will putrefy faster than a tomato that is kept slightly cooler or has the fullest protection of its skin.  Same logic as a peeled banana, bitten apple, or gash on your leg.  We received a plaintive note from a Farm Fan who had picked cracked tomatoes, expressing surprise that the cracked tomatoes were “totally moldy and disgusting” a couple days later.  She kindly asked us to warn fellow pickers.  We are hereby notifying 9,322 of you.  Our advice:  Pick em & eat em… fast & fresh!  Thank you all.

Peach galette.  Thank you to Farmketeer @fauselimagery for sharing such phantastic phood photos.

Eggplant, potatoes & veggies sauteed with hummus!  Thank you to @gazzellie for pairing fresh Indian Creek goodies with @ithacacoldcrafted lemon dill hummus.  They are our hometown hummus heroes.

Garlic scapes ‘n’ eggs for brunch.  Just a simple affair, really, but wholesome and healing, following a Montana mountain misadventure!  Thanks @hannah.george99.  See you back on the Go Finger Lakes trails soon.

Happy 40th Birthday to Farm Fan Elisha.  Her family and friends partied up at The ‘Henge, where they filled the 32-foot picnic table and sparked the new firepit.  (They also built the awesome new airplane swing.  Thanks again!)

Esmeralda Mystery Apples – The lone tree we call Esmeralda provided a small batch of summer apples!  There are precious few, so ask at the farm stand.  We do not know what kind they are.  They look like Honeycrisp but predate the advent of that sugarous monstrosity.  Esmeraldas are the first red and really apple-y apples of the season.  You can also pick your own Pristine apples in the Dwarf Orchard.

Kids.  Boxes.  On their heads.  What else is there to say, really?  Just walking up the farm road like this.  Eating Esmeralda Mystery Apples.  Good on yas.

Kids.  Potties.  Porta!  Yes, you will have to come see the new DELUXE PORT-A-POTTY with sink and sitdown and standup modes up by the playground.  Nestled in the bushes.  A game changer for kids and parents.  It will be stationed here through October harvest.  Woo hoo to the Loo.

Love to you all.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

(Thank you Suzy Goldleaf for the great squirrel photo!)
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Pick Your Own Peaches and First Tomatoes, Eggplants, Peppers; Get Swee!eet Corn; Last Chance to Pick Fresh Garlic; Sugar Plum Sale; A New Airplane and Firepit.

NOBODY IN THE WORLD knows the answer to this question:  “Hkjs kguyt ouyt ugaa skjgt 42 asfafdsak?”

That’s what farming feels like some days.  We don’t know the answers and we can’t pronounce the questions.  And we don’t know who put this chair in the orchard or why.  You can sit on it while cogitating the mysteries.

But we do have sweet corn.  That’s something for your life toolkit.  Corn is for coping.  Use corn to chisel away at what’s eating you.  This is Dusky’s second year of corn-ing and everyone is glad to see his slobberworthy ears back in the bag.

You can pick your own peaches.  These, too, call for slobberance.  Don’t be shy.  We’re not judgy.  Use your shirt for a napkin.  An old farmer trick.  Peach season will go FAST.  Get out here and pick yours or wait til next summer.

Serving suggestion:  Peaches ‘n’ cream.  Ice cream, that is.  Thanks to Farm Fan @acoustic_blue who posted about fresh peach ice cream therapy.

Pick the first tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers!  Easy now, this is the soft launch.  You can forage in the nightshade field (family: Solanaceae) for the first round of heirloom and cherry tomatoes (genus: solanum), purple bell peppers (capsicum), and classic, fairytale, and Japanese eggplant (solanum).  Be smart and be kind.  Only pick eggplants that are full size.  IT IS THE OPPOSITE OF PUPPIES.  You pick out puppies when they are young to get all the wriggly squiggly feels and train them proper.  Eggplant babies are not ready to go home with you.  Taking a baby eggplant home just robs the world of a real eggplant.  The babies will be ready in a week or two.  Give them a fighting chance to size up in the field.  Plus we make more money when you buy them full size.  Somebody has to pay for all the improvements around here.  Let the eggplants do their part.  They’ve had it easy far too long.

Here’s an improvement that appeared out of thin air!  Farmer Steve’s red airplane finally succumbed to the forces of entropy, also known as children, rugrats, squirts, ankle-biters, yougerns, tumble tots.  Then Jamie from down the street, a loyal ‘Creeknik if there ever was one, showed up the other day with a BRAND NEW HOMEMADE BIPLANE.  Just like that.  BOOYAH.  Jamie is not in the photo, he was too modest.  But his team of assistants are pointing at him off camera.  He has thrown down the gauntlet for Farmketeer of the Year, and it’s only August.  Good luck to the rest of you.  You’re going to need it!  Thank you Jamie and family.  Super cool.  Vroooom.

This more modest contraption was cobbled together farm-style from old “plow” parts.  More properly called a disc harrow, but plow is fine for you city types.  It’s a fire pit.  Up at the ‘Henge.  You can see photos of the DIY job here.

Last chance to pick your own garlic.  Farmer Greg (without glasses) is going to leave the field open one more weekend, then strip the crop Monday for curing and storage.  Hundreds of you went half-nuts at the Garlic Harvest Party last weekend; come pick the remaining bulbs by Sunday night.

Something nuevo!  Pumpkin’s sweeter cousin.  Emily brings us a new treat from her veggie field:  Japanese kabocha squash.  It’s a great summer treat, roasted with maple syrup and ginger or lots of creative ways.  Emily has posted recipes at the farm stand, or just hunt around the web:  “kabocha.”

Sugar plum sale – almost gone!  We had 17 boxes on Monday, down to 5 today.  Get a whole box (a peck or 8 quarts) for $24 which works out to $3/quart – just in time for making jams, pies, and puddings.  Plums are very special.  This is the Ousi Wase (“wishy washy”) Asian sugar plum.

Plum coffee cake with pecans!  This delight showed up on Instagram courtesy of @dolcedelightithaca who has emerged as a front runner for Purveyor of Most Delicious-Looking ‘Creek Creations.  (Note:  These are not for sale at the farm.  You have to go to Dolce Delight cafe and bakery up past Ithaca College.)

Fresh apricot almond scones!  Another delight by @dolcedelightithaca.  Apricot season is adios.  Crops really do come and go.  Come experience the August collection.

Fresh raspberry galette with lemon thyme!  You can scrounge for the last summer raspberries now.  Could be a fall crop in September, but last chance for the current batch.  Photo by @dolcedelightithaca.  Thank you, Dolce!

Wash it all down with peach raspberry sangria.  Thank you to @4lettersfood for the photo featuring local flavorites @damianiwinecellars and @myerfarmdistillers and peaches and raspberries from The ‘Creek.  Go Finger Lakes!

Last and probably least:  Pristine apples.  Almost nobody cared about the Yellow Transparent apples of last week.  Now we are into August apples, a little better than July.  Please come pick these.  PLEEEASE?  It’s a real apple.  Real tart.  One of us here at the farm stand says, “They get better the more you eat them… just keep chewing.”  Got to love a gal who can put a positive spin on anything.  But Pristines are good keepers and, for some of you, the first apples of the year.  And that blush!

Entropy.  It wins.  We lose.  But can we lose together?  Love to you all.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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Pick Your Own Peaches, Raspberries, Garlic; Eat Delicious Sweet Corn, Plums, Apricots; Free Garlic Harvest Party Saturday; First “Salt Apples” of the Year.

LOYAL ‘CREEKNIKS:  Feeling kind of sheepish today.  Baaaah, baaaaaaaaaah.  Sheepish.  Yes, it feels pretty jump-the-gunny to do this. But let’s do it anyway.

We sound the Horn, er, Hen of Plenty!  Listen as Archie plays the official Indian Creek theme song to herald the start of farm season proper.  We probably could have waited another 2 weeks, but things are popping.  Look at whatall’s ready…

Pick your own peaches & raspberries.  There will be something of a bumrush when word reaches peach-crazed locavores, but you are first to know.  I mean, there are THOUSANDS of you.  But you are all first to know.  Not including Facebook fans who knew first-first.  We cannot take reservations for peaches.  You have to come pick them before somebody else.  Raspberry season still plugging along.

Pick your own garlic.  You can pick any day, but we would love to see you Saturday (RAIN DATE WILL BE SUNDAY) at the 2nd Annual Garlic Harvest Party.  See the Facebook event here and invite friends.  We need tons of people out here clearing out the patch.  Free games and fun and classes.

Dusky’s sweet corn is bacccckkkk!  Many people will be happy.  You can get your ears at the stand anytime.  Dusky might do a corn boil this weekend at the Garlic Party which means butters and cheeses and toppings to delight.

Sugar plum sale!  Get a whole peck for $24 which works out to $3/quart – just in time for making jams, pies, and puddings.  Plum season is short, plums are very special, and they were plucked off our trees just yesterday.  Several varieties including Ousi Wase, the sweet Asian sugar plum.  Yum.

If you don’t love fresh apricots, we can’t be friends.  Okay, we can try.  But thing is, they’re objectively good.  You just have to know how to eat them.  Okay, you just eat them.  There’s no tricks.  Try them on a picnic with your love(s).  The person(s) who make you feel safe and lucky and bold but humble.  The friend(s) who would split their last apricot with you.  Toss the pit to a squirrel.  Love of all sentient beings.

Emily’s cukes.  She is bringing beautiful fresh cucumbers down from the field each day.  Refreshing and ideally paired with a block of feta and raw onions and drizzled EVOO.

Emily’s squash.  Taste of summer.  Last night we sliced yellow zucchini into coins, browned them in cast iron, tossed with peppers, dumped into stewing tomato sauce full of garlic, onions, eggplant, and sweet Italian fryers (not friars!).

Eggplant, peppers, tomatoes.  At the farm stand you will find the first eggplant, sweet peppers, and maybe the first few tomatoes.  The ripening of these first Nightshades pushed us to sound the Horn of Plenty, a.k.a., the cornucopia.

Do you ever feel like nobody thinks you are hot or cute or awesome?  (Even hot cute awesome people can suffer from this psychopathology.  It is called, Why Doesn’t Everybody Love Me Itis.)  That’s how these apples feel.  Because basically nobody thinks the Yellow Transparent apple is hot or awesome.  Except Siberians.  They LOVE these apples.  The Yellow Transparent apple is a cold-hardy variety imported in the 1800s from Putinlandia before it was officially called that.  Ripens in July for the short northern season.  To cut the acidity, people in the olden days added salt and called them salt apples.  We call them Old Yellers.  They make a CREAMY apple sauce, first chance of the year.  Good stuff to be thankful for.  We are tired of people not loving these July apples.  You Farmketeers are really starting to bore us with your Honeycrisp addiction.  Okay, fine, we’ll plant another 1,000 honeycrisp trees and hope you still like that fad of an apple in 10 years.  Meanwhile, please come pick these apples.  Pleaseeee.

Love to you all.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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Prime Raspberry & Garlic Picking; Love Lessons from the Peaches; Free Garlic Harvest Party July 28; First Cukes & Summer Squash!

IS THERE SOMEONE you care for with all your being? And they care for you? And you are good for them and they are good for you? But you can’t be together right now?

It hurts.  And that’s how it will feel if you bite into one of these peaches.  It is hard as a rock.  It just isn’t ready yet.  It might look ready – more beautiful than you remember and all put together on the outside, even flashing a winning smile.  But the inside is what counts.  It will come around.  And love is patient.  DO NOT PICK THE PEACHES YET! 

Same deal with apples.  Pointless pain if you bite them.  This Egremont Russet might look like a snack.  But it’s not ready.  The drumstick (provided for scale) is ready.  You can go to town on that.  DO NOT PICK THE APPLES YET!

Pick your own raspberries.  It is go time.  There are 2 raspberry patches.  Look beneath the leaves.

Get PeAches at the stand.  We have early PA peaches.  Soon we’ll have peaches to pick.  And it won’t be too long til New York has the climate of South Carolina and we can have peaches in January.  Meanwhile, for mid-July peaches, support PA farmers.  They’re people, too, and not so far away.

A slushee for your pain?  Tart cherry and iceeee cold.  The machine is going every day.  They really are refreshing.  We eat them.  Exhibit A:  Amanda on slushee break.

Pick your own garlic.   You can start picking now, but also SAVE THE DATE (Saturday, July 28) for the 2nd Annual Garlic Harvest Party.  See the Facebook event here and invite friends. We need tons of people out here clearing out the patch.

Nosh on blubes.  These are in stock at the stand.  Something to blue-ify your haul of reds and greens.

Sweet cherries.  Cherry season is short.  These are from our buddy Mike up in Sodus.

Greens.  Farmer Emily is bringing beautiful lettuces down from the fields each day.  Support a young farmer.

First squashes!  Emily is stoking the fires of summer with the first squashes of the year.

First cukes!  Again from Farmer Emily.  So fresh and hydrating and cukey smelling.  Put slices on your eyes.  Impossible love means tears.  Your eyes deserve spa day.

Scapes.  Greg’s garlic scapes make exceptional pesto as well as stir fry accoutrements.

Honeys.  Local honey from Gil’s and Five Pads Farm just up the road.  It’s not like that stuff in the squeezy bear.

Donuts every Saturday & Sunday.  Machine running 10:00 to 6:00.  The new machine makes em bigger.   Put a farm sticker on your car and get a free donut or slushee.

What’s behind door number 107?  That’s the Produce Portal.  Your gateway to raspberry patch #2.  And later the Brussels sprouts.  But Lord let’s not think about October crops.  Let’s be HERE NOW.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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The Adults Have Had Their Chance; Time for the Kids to Take Control; Come Pick Raspberries and Garlic and Eat Donuts and Slushees.

DEAR FARMKETEERS, an old book blamed everything on a naked lady, an apple, and a serpent.

But everybody knows it was a hippo and a raspberry.  This is the Raspberry of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  You might scream, “Get thee behind me, hippo!”  Or perhaps you will come pick raspberries.  They are awfully red and juicy.  Come hither, they seem to say.  Come yeeee hither.

The naked lady had nothing to do with it.  Eve was busy making some of the best orchard booze in America.  Next time you travel outside the Finger Lakes foodshed, take some pride with you – such as Albee Hill dry cider by Eve’s Cidery (buy it online for home shipping) – and you’ll make friends fast.  Pictured at sunset in the ‘Dacks.

Yes, the troubles began with a hippo and a raspberry – then generations of grownups did what they do.  Made more messes.  So we are ceding control to the youngsters.  Starting with pie for breakfast.  Fresh raspberry pie before you are half awake and still in your PJs.  Mandatory second servings.

Pick raspberries while they’re fresh!  Strawberry season is OVERRRR.  Don’t let raspberry season pass you by.  Look beneath the leaves for treasures that your neighbors missed.  New berries ripen with each sunny day.  Thanks to farm fan Larissa for the sweet pic of Dad and Penelope.

Raspberries make great ring pops.  Ask any kid.  Or a grownup local yogi who’s feeling kidlike.  Thanks to a ‘Creeknik named Nancy for the fresh picked pop :-)

New!  Come pick garlic!  Kids, too!  It’s pretty easy.  The sum total of evil in the world is NOT decreasing.  Stock up now to beat back vampires and colds.  And SAVE THE DATE (Saturday, July 28) for the 2nd U-Pick Garlic Harvest Party.  See the Facebook event here and invite friends.

New!  Donuts!  The new Mark II Donut Robot is running smoothly now.  Bigger donuts than last year (cherry for scale).  Saturday and Sunday 10:00 to 6:00.  Get a FREE DONUT or FREE SLUSHEE when you stick a farm sticker on your car.

U-Pic Photo of the Week & Farmketeer of the Week.  Paulina explains, “Annual strawberry picking tradition on our son’s birthday.  This year we are happy to be back at Indian Creek Farm where all those years ago I went into labor with him.  Here we are re-creating that day when I was lugging my daughter (who was 1 year old at the time) and two trays of strawberries up and down the hill.  I went into labor with my son right there on the farm, but we had time to go home, eat lunch, drop my daughter off with friends, and then head to the hospital!”  Thank you, Paulina, great story.

And now for the piéce de resistance.  The ultimate kid takeover.  Leila, age 11, one of the spirited orchard sprites at Eve’s Cidery, shines in her new role as Chief Messaging Officer of Indian Creek.  She texted us this anagram through her mama’s phone with a disclaimer:  “Don’t blame me if you lose police customers!”  But no disclaimer needed.  We think it just says this is a safe place for everyone, f-rts and all.  Plus, if everyone is eating tons of fresh garlic…  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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Declare Independence from the Tyranny of Your Day Job and Go Raspberry Picking at the Most Auspicious Hour; New Donuts.

BELOVED ‘CREEKNIKS:  Yesterday was Independence Day, and we were quickly admonished by at least one Farm Fan that we should call it INTERDEPENDENCE Day.

Fair enough.  Nothing says interdependence like the pageant of rampant nationalist fervor called the World Cup.  We hope you are taking a break at 10 AM and 2 PM each day to watch the “contests” on the “pitch” televised from the People’s Oligarchic Kingdom of Putinlandia.  Viva glasnost.

Sadly our neighbor Mexico is out of the tourney.  Our other neighbor Canada never had a prayer with all the tariffs dragging them down.  Meanwhile the Trudeau tit-for-tat is targeting USA strawberry jam (we sh*t you not), but this should not affect picking conditions here at The ‘Creek.  We are onto raspberry season now.  You can pick the LAST 2 ROWS of strawberries and that will be adios for the season.

Yes, razz is the name of the game.  The Strawberry Moon was followed posthaste by the Raspberry Rainbow, captured here over the razz patch by our own Farmer Ly (“Lee”).  You can pick raspberries in the main patch — see the map on the new 2018 brochure – or along the fenceline which is not shown on the map for national security reasons.

Margo and Peter had the right idea, and they earned “Farmketeers of the Week” in the bargain.  The sweetest people you’ll ever meet, loving up on The ‘Creek and volunteering for local causes.  They picked berries before the midday heat.  We encourage all of you to pick in the cool morning hours then report to work just in time for lunch break and scintillating afternoon meetings about… What are we meeting about again?

Pick garlic scapes!  You can save the date for the Big Garlic Harvest Party (Saturday July 28) but meanwhile you can pick your own scapes for stirfry and pesto and snacks.

Meanwhile down at the farm stand you will find sweet cherries, fresh lettuce, scapes, and more goodies as each passing week takes us deeper into harvest season.

New!  Chanterelles!  Locally foraged for you specialty fungus eaters.  Get your treat while supplies last.

After shrooms comes psychedelic desert.  All-star Farm Fan @seganmilverstein combined a pound of chèvre from award-winning hometown cheese artisans @livelyrundairy with raspberries she picked on the farm to create this eye-popping gutbuster of a cheesecake.  Drooool.

Not to be outdone by cheesecake flash and sparkle, Kendall of created this stirring homage to 1980s convenience culture – fruit “leather” A.K.A. fruit rollup.  Strawberries from The ‘Creek, pitted dates, craisins, Chianti Classico, rhubarb, and a plum!   Yum.

Which brings us to donuts.  Our new Mark 2 Donut RoBoT has been the focus of intense experimentation.  Testing testing 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7…  We are going to stick out our necks and forecast 100% chance of donuts on Saturday and Sunday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  What they will LOOK like is anyone’s guess.  Come be part of the clinical trials.

We will experiment on you for FREE.  That’s right, you can get a FREE donut if you put a new orange sticker on your car while we watch.  It’s not that we don’t trust you… But seriously stick it on, get a donut.

Or a FREE tart cherry slushee!  Same deal, sticker for slushee.  Delicious and refreshing and they will give you brain freeze if you go too fast.  Slurp.  Rest.  Slurp.  Rest.

What are we cooking up here?  Well, steel, yes.  Cold-rolled Russian steel is getting cooked.  But please stay tuned to find out what will happen to this old harrow.  Don’t hold your breath, it could be done in a week or a year.  But stay tuned.  Hint:  Stumphenge.

A meteorological marvel shot by Joanna Upton, Ph.D., here on the hilltop.  Eerily Cold War, but hot and peaceful.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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Pick Your Last Strawberries, First Raspberries, and Probably Donuts from the New Donut Machine; 90% Chance of Donuts, Not a Hundy.

LOYAL ‘CREEKNIKS: There once was a strawberry named Raspberry.

This was very confusing.  For everyone.  Snickering among classmates.  Jeering from the ‘real’ raspberries.  Awkward on the dating scene.  ID problems at the DMV.

And there once was a raspberry named Strawberry.  Same deal, quite the tag to be saddled with.  What were the folks thinking?  Years of needless suffering.

One day they met on 44th Street.  That midtown diner near the Cornell Club.  And it was instant.  And it was good.  And they became ONE.  It resolved a bunch of confusion and tension.  And they lived more or less happily thereafter for a pretty long time.  The End.

Yes, farm fans, it is a rare thing when strawberries and raspberries come together.  As rare as the strawberry moon.  Did you see it last night?  This might be the only weekend of the year when you can pick both berries.

But you will have to come early.  And get lucky.  There will be lots of pickers on Friday before the heat, and raspberries are ONLY JUST STARTING.  Scattered ripe ones to be found.  Should be strawberries to pick, at least on Saturday morning.

90% chance of donuts.  Just got a new (used) machine.  Trying to fire it up for the scorchiest weekend of the year.  Lemonade and tart cherry slushees to wash ’em down and cool you off.  A great (local and farm fresh) yogi once said (this morning), “It’s gonna be hot out there.  Drink more water than you’ve ever drinken, then drink more.”  Roger that, yogi.  And namaste on the grammar.  Down dog donuts = 90% ≠ 100%.

Farmer Emily is back with her greens and reds.  Find out what she’s stocking at the stand, first batch of the year.  Save the lettuce from the heat.  Take it home to eat.

Farmer Greg, who brought you the strawberry crop, also has garlic scapes.  Ripped fresh outta the garlic patch.  Get yours at the farm stand for monstrously good pesto and stirfry choppings.  Some people just eat ’em.

Undefeated!  This pint-sized strawberry hunter gets Farmketeer of the Week and the “U-Pic” photo prize.  Check your (dad’s) email inbox for the gift certificate.

Well that’s the dope for Friday, June 29, 2018.  Last chance at strawbz, first crack at raspbpsbps, high chance of donuts.  Guaranteed swelter.  Love you and hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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Strawberry Solstice: Long Day & Short Season; Come Pick Your Own Berries Before They’re Gone; First Donuts This Weekend.

FARM FANS, there once was a strawberry named Raspberry.  Quite confusing.  For everyone.  Get the thrilling conclusion to that epic drama in next week’s Fresh Crop Alert.

Meanwhile, another confusing story:  You can come NOW (Thursday and Friday) to beat weekenders to the strawberry patch OR come Saturday and Sunday to munch the first donuts of the year.  Possible solution:  Try both.  Thanks to Farm Fan @heather.april for the fun photo.

It’s true, donuts are starting earlier than ever before.  Why wait?  The solstice is the longest day of the year, but that means the days are already getting shorter.  So let’s start living.  Nothing says “I’m taking charge of my NOW” like a baggie of fried dough.  Nuts.  Donuts.

Another good living tip:  take your strawberries into the wilderness.  Yes, camping turns to glamping with a homebaked strawberry pie.  Find the best spots for your next outdoor adventure at, a web site by the Finger Lakes Land Trust, the conservation organization supported by individuals who love our region.  You can become a member to support their work.  We need everybody to put skin in the game.  Protecting land forever won’t happen by itself.

Prepare for a longer mountain outing with “rhuberry crisp” bars.  Thanks to @segan.milverstein who raided our berry patch in the FLX then hit the peaks of the ADK.

Or turn your berries into body-boosting smoothies.  Farmer yogi Nicole Stumpf shares her recipe on Instagram and her practice on her web siteFresh strawberries, frozen blueberries, Mylk (sunflower seeds and water), banana, honey, Maca root powder, and coconut cream.  Mmmmm.

Say hello to the Farmketeers of the Week!  This determined duo brought home the berries AND the bacon:  they are getting the U-PIC prize for best picking pics.  Thanks to Farm Fan Shira (mama) for sending this photo and the next one.  Gift certificate on the way.

“I will NOM NOM all the berries unless you get out here nowwww!”  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek

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Strawberry Picking is Apparently a Thing; Everybody’s Doing It and Pics to Prove It; Come Join the Spasmodic Harvest ASAP.

DEAR ‘CREEKNIKS:  Have you ever heard of a strawberry pushover?  What what?  It’s a turnover, you say?  Well, sorry, but we have to correct your correction.  There are a bunch of strawberry pushovers right here on the farm.  It’s us.

See, we hatched that little “U-Pic” offer last week, first time ever.  “Send us your pics,” said we, “and the winner will get a prize.”  But this week, right now in fact, we are announcing that EVERYBODY who sent photos to the U-Pic inbox is getting a gift certificate.  Check your email, winners.  Just don’t expect us to be pushovers all summer.  Fresh fruit certificates do not grow on trees.

Before we reveal the winning photos, please say hello to the Farmketeers of the Week.  First ones of 2018.  Meet Theresa and Jo, who picked 20 pounds of berries on opening day.  They tore into the patch and took boxes of booty back to their farmstead in Dryden.  It’s called Underhill Farm and you can look them up later this summer because they have a little blueberry patch.  Meanwhile, COME PICK STRAWBERRIES NOW BEFORE WEEKEND CROWDS.  Open 9 AM to 7 PM every day.

How about this dandy U-Pic from Christy J?  Also known as @scout.ithaca.  She clearly has an eye for high fruitshion.  But she, and all the other winners, will have to work harder for the $11 prize.  Only “tenners” were sent out in this first round.

Another fruit-forward submission from Scout.  Is this a magazine or real life?  Real sweet, anyway.

Here we are back on the farm.  Shauna D shared this U-Pic of Team Tiger.  “It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight, rising up to the challenge of our rivals…” finding strawberries before they’re all gone.  “And he’s watching us all with eyeeeee of the tigerrrrrr…”

Her strawberry accoutrement game is STRONG.  Chris P made our inbox smile with this U-Pic of his daughter.

Suzanne B submitted this first U-Pic of all time within hours of the Fresh Crop Alert.  She received her gift certificate right away and has plans to spend it on a second trip to the strawberry patch.  Thanks for playing.

This was a pleasure to find in the inbox.  Eating strawberries by nose.  Stefanie C says, “Carter is obsessed with gardening and had the best time picking strawberries.”

But to all of you who think you are showing adequate Strawberry Spirit… Bow down to the BERRY QUEEN.  Aquillah at the Finger Lakes Land Trust says, “Ho hum, just another day at the office, saving Finger Lakes farmland forever.”  Did you know?  Indian Creek is a conserved farm, protected permanently by an agricultural easement.  We appreciate conservation organizations like the Land Trust that dedicate their work to preserving open space in our region.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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