Fresh Strawberries are What’s on Tap.

Smoothies for brunch, daiquiris at dinner…

It is strawberry season in New York and it won’t last forever. So if you want to live in the “now,” swing out to your local farm and get picking!

There’s a beautiful crop at Indian Creek this year.

And beautiful people, too! Bring your friends and bring the kids. Thanks to everyone who visited during opening week! See you at the ‘Creek.

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2 Responses to Fresh Strawberries are What’s on Tap.

  1. Second wave of berries is coming in. There are some to pick now. They are a bit more scattered than first wave, and a little smaller, but very very flavorful! Should last this week, unless you all bumrush the joint like last week!

  2. You guys went wild! Strawberries are all picked out for a few days. But see those green ones?

    They’ll be ripe this week! Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates. Thanks everybody.

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