The Farm Stand Opens Today!

We’ve been in “wagon mode” for strawberry and raspberry seasons, but today the main farm stand is open! Sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week!

It stays nice and cool under the shade of the front porch.

That’s where you’ll find juicy tomatoes.

Peppers hot.

Peppers sweet.

…and pints of farm-fresh raspberries to eat!

Today we are also opening the stand with potatoes, peaches, blueberries, and garlic. There will be much more as the season rolls on, so drop by this weekend and stay tuned for the coming wave of Fresh Crop Alerts!

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3 Responses to The Farm Stand Opens Today!

  1. @Meg, this year we have regular slicers, probably not the kind of picklers you’d want. But you could have a peak at the cucumber patch, it’s right off the main driveway when you head up the hill.

    @Recon, thanks!

  2. Meg gelder says:

    Do yo have u pick pickling cukes? I need a bushel or more!

  3. recon77 says:

    Lovely Fruit and Veggies, Y’all!

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