You’re Invited to Eggplantapalooza!

Legend tells us that in the misty hills beyond time…

Where morning dew chills the eggplant blossoms…

And the fruits seem to quietly slumber…

( …drumroll, please… )

Eggplantapalooza rages on!!!

Lady EggEgg, Robert Plant, and other dreamy aubergines get top billing.

They hire scabby old apples to work the door…

You know, to keep out roving gangs of hot peppers. Those troublemakers.

It can be standing room only, folks…

So consider this your backstage pass!

HEY, FOLKS, PLEASE DON’T FILL YOUR BOX WITH BABY EGGPLANT – it’s okay to toss a couple on top, but please pick mature eggplant so the babies will grow up in the coming weeks.

Come join the party, and don’t forget about those peaches – they are in season and ready for u-pick!

See you at the ‘Creek.

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