Pray for Peaches, Play with Food.

NEWSFLASH FOR FARM FANS — The first wave of Indian Creek peaches has been picked and devoured! But there are plenty of Pennsylvania peaches waiting for you at the farm stand, as well as baskets of blueberries, blackberries, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant, flowers, and more.

The New York peach shortage has Preacher Peachins a bit googly-eyed. He was up through the night praying for a decent batch to ripen in the next week or so. Til then, let’s all chant, “peach peach peach…”

And now back to our regularly scheduled coverage. Over on Eggplant Avenue, the townsfolk were just talking about the upcoming elections.

“President Obaba Ghanouj won’t get reelected unless he can really stimulate the rain over our parched farmlands.”

“As a hardworking member of the yamster minority, I couldn’t agree more.”

The know-it-all Pepper Pundits are bickering as usual: “Ghanouj is a scrooge!” “Au contraire, mon frere!”

Meanwhile, Ms. Allie Gator from around the corner looks down her nose at the whole idea of politics. “Get your laws off my schnozz!”

Tino Tomato hasn’t been feeling very political lately. Can’t shake the sensation of a skulking presence, a shadow hanging over him.

But sometimes the very thing hanging over you can become your shelter from the storm. You just own it and duck the rain.

And you keep looking for good signs, even when things seem blah. Like this surprising news from the biosphere. The Peg Leg Eggbird — once thought to be extinct — is laying golden eggs again. She thrives in a drought. Who knew?

And for all the news we hear about species being lost forever, new ones are popping up right here on the farm. We found a Blue-Wheeled Spud Bug, the first of its kind ever documented. Squishy tires handle the toughest terrain.

Those of you who venture off to pick Yellow Transparent apples could be lucky enough to see the Dreaded Rhinopeño Beetle in its native habitat. Pretty exciting for lovers of a vibrant ecosystem. Go, world.

And finally under the wood pile you might spot these Cycloptic Starchballs. They kind of hang back, out of the fray. They’re not haters, just hesi-taters.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of “Creek Week,” produced with goodies from the farm stand and a jar of beans from mom’s cupboard. Special thanks to Mike Chen, contributing creature creator. Also check out the nifty little book, Play With Your Food, by Joost Elffers, where we got some inspiration for this crop alert.

Won’t you come pick food to play with? See you at The ‘Creek!

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