The First Annual Pigs-n-Apples Party Will Be a Real Harvest Riot!

WHEN YOU NEED A SPOT of country wisdom, where do you turn? To The Farmers’ Almanac? The farmer’s daughter? Garrison Keillor? Here at Indian Creek, we turn to the plants. We watch and listen. And ever since Veggiestock, all the plants have been saying the same thing: “Throw a party! Invite everyone!”

So, we’re giddy to announce the first Pigs-n-Apples Party! We’ll be hanging at the farm with our pals from The Piggery on Saturday, October 6. They’ll be cooking!

There will be games for kids and grownups — like the classic bobbing for apples, demonstrated here by the presumptive champ in the tween category.

We’ll have a pumpkin-carving contest, corn javelins, apple slingshots, and treasure hunts. Actual prizes might differ from the trophy shown.

We’re giving a tuneup to Oliver the Adventure Wagon. There will be hay rides all afternoon. Can’t promise that we’ll have hay, but you get the idea.

We’re even building a supersize banquet table out of a fallen oak tree! So far we have only one piece of string in place, but don’t worry: there WILL be a table. And it WILL have decorations. And 34 of you can sit there, on tree stumps.


Apple season is afoot, starting with the McIntoshes in the Vintage Orchard. Come pick now! Find trees with orange ribbons.

We’re going to have a big apple season with the new Dwarf Orchard coming online, so we rented a 26-foot truck to pick up all the new crates! Watching these two sluggers coordinate hand signals is like… oh, forget it, there are no words.

The Dwarf Orchard is already filling the farm stand with new varieties. There are the Jefferies (middle), a choice early apple with a rich, pear-like flavor.

And there are the… wait… Everybody say, Ho…! (Ho…!)

Honeycrisp! Wave your hands in the air. Wave them like you just don’t care. But we know you care. It’s just for pretend, the not-caring.

They are real beauties for only $2.25 a pound, compared to $2.99 at your local superstore. And no happy shopper music to make you sad.

This is what happens when you allow dogs and photographers into the sign studio. Bad dog! Bad human!

And this is what happens when you ask a toddler to carry jugs of cider.

Six seconds later… Now what, Mama?

This time of year we go plum crazy.

And, like your local grocery store, we have dinner-in-a-box. Heat and eat.

Please pick peppers. They’re taking over the place.

And raspberries, they’re busting loose!

And please cut some flowers — we have a million and one.

Tundra counted them. It tuckered her out. U-pick flowers are only $3 a handful!


Thanks for reading. Remember to save the date — Saturday, October 6, 2012. From about noon til dark. Details coming soon. Til then, come out for fresh air and fresh food! Hope to see you at The ‘Creek!

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