Picking Report, Party Pictures, and Feedback for the Farm.

AN ORPHANED ASSISTANT PIG-KEEPER became hero and champion of the realm. That was in The Chronicles of Prydain. No such luck for the pigherds of Ithaca — they were vanquished without mercy by dark-hearted apple farmers.

More on our top story in a moment. But first, the Picking Report for the weekend of Friday, October 12, 2012.


APPLE IS OCTOBER’S middle name. Even people who don’t like apples are picking apples this time of year. There are numerous ripe varieties. You can top off your outing, and mollify the children, with fresh cider from the stand.

There are pumpkins galore. This old photo is just a warning — we might get frost on Friday night, so the weekend could be your last chance to pick summer produce such as eggplant, peppers, raspberries, and squash. Plants will shrivel and vegetables will be scarce as deviled eggs after a church picnic.

Brussels sprouts are ready for the lopping! Sautee them with Piggery bacon for a special treat that doubles as an act of charity. The Piggery gang is still smarting from their drubbing and they would welcome a visit.


ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE CHILDREN took part in the Treasure Hunt. Fifty bobbed for apples and 34 painted pumpkins. Forty-four tossed the corn javelin and 57 fired the apple slingshot. Here’s a bobber with classic form.

Little brother got brain freeze and was like, “Daddy, I’ll just watch.” Big brother was like, “Dad, it’s GO time.” Deep breath. Plunge.

Time for “Extreme Makeover: Gourd Edition.” No specimen too homely.

A Pollock-inspired entry in the Abstract Expressapumpkin category.

Tag-team effort. Parents are kids, too.

Sprouted on the Fourth of July.

Seems like everyone started with an orange base coat.

But at least one carver was thinking outside the box.

Our new table, after 20 hours of sanding and staining — and just 2 hours of pumpkin painting. A tablecloth is such an elegant solution, when you remember it.

Watched this guy drink paint blobs for 6 minutes.

Slingshot champion with brilliant technique. Psychology hobbyists had a “field” day watching kids use their brains to adapt in real-time.

Another lad frozen in time, a millisecond after release.

You can see her apple in the clouds, easily passing the 100-foot marker. Longest shots of the day were flying over 400 feet!

Corn javelin! The longest shots were flying about 40 feet ;-)

Southpaw lets it fly!

“Z” marks the spot — treasure hunters had to get a ribbon off Zorro!

The “pig” part of Pigs-n-Apples.

Their local bratwursts really fire people up.

The madding crowd put our little donut machine through its paces…

The Donut Boys did a great job, serving 500 donuts an hour!

Wagon rides trundled around the farm…

And kids danced on the wagon deck between rides.

It offered a great view of the pumpkin field and the lake valley.

Another favorite spot was Stumphenge.

People gathered round the fire and kids climbed all over the stumps.

Banjo tune in the afternoon.

Just before nightfall, the main event. By now it is known to villagers across the county — Apples thrashed Pigs. But we’re done bragging. Til this time next year.

One bright moment for the losers, a pig-o-lantern.

Campfire #2 went til the wee hours, with an old movie playing on the big screen and players taking turns on the stage. A couple dozen friends — old and new — stayed well past the giant orange moonrise.


Should there be a Second Annual Pigs-n-Apples Party? How can we make it better?


We heard a few tidbits through Facebook…

“Greatest scavenger hunt ever! And that The Piggery chili verde was off the hook. Thanks for an awesome time today. :)”

“Had a lovely time with friends and family. Next time – helmets/face mask protectors for the sling shot contest!”

We also heard grumbling about the parking and lines and this and that. Let’s put all those ideas in one place so we can plan for next year. Please send us your thoughts through this special Party Form.

Thanks for coming to the party and supporting the farm through the seasons. As always, hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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4 Responses to Picking Report, Party Pictures, and Feedback for the Farm.

  1. amelia says:

    looks like a blast! wish i could have come!

  2. poecile says:

    hell yeah! came late (post kids-nap-time) but enjoyed the scene, the tug-of-war, the food, and the heat of the fires!v Thanks for a good time…

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