Last Day for Donuts, and a Quickie on the Crops.

IF YOU HAVEN’T SKIPPED TOWN for the holidays, come kick around the farm this weekend. The stand will be open 12 to 5 both days; the weather will be dry and warmish. Now for the 15-second rundown…

Us fellers are out back in the nursery. We catch bundles of baby fruit trees as they fall from the sky. Then we tuck them in the barn for winter.

Allie will tend the stand on Saturday. She has declared it the LAST DAY FOR DONUTS. This is how many donuts will be left: 0000 0000.

A lad called New Jeff will work the stand on Sunday. He’s a Canadian model. He replaced Old Jeff, made in USA. Sunday is Jeffday, that’s all you need to remember.

And here’s what we have in the eating department: apples, hot cider, cold cider, Brussels sprouts, and winter squashes. Plenty of utility packs of Macs — for pies and sauces and turnovers.

P.S. Allie says, “There’s still a little bit of baby Swiss chard, which tastes even better now that it’s been frosted.” Of course, this is a picture of cider.

P.P.S. The hottest habanero we grow — the dreaded Paper Lantern — is now in Tony’s mouth. And he’s behind the wheel of the tallboy.

So come on out to The ‘Creek.

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