A Big Eggplant Sale, a Rare Plum Batch, and a Morning Hasselhoff.

JUST LAST NIGHT around the campfire, one of us farmers was asked, “If you could have your brain implanted into someone else’s body, whose would it be?”  That farmer said without missing a beat, “David Hasselhoff.”


Incredibly, the Hoff Himself appeared in the Japanese eggplant field this morning.  Farmers abroad have seen the Virgin Mother in mountainsides and riverbanks, but we take our blessings where we can get them.  You don’t bite the hand that feeds you; you don’t mess around with Jim; and, you don’t hassel the Hoff.


To celebrate this most unexpected fortune, we are having a big sale.  Get 50% off Japanese eggplant when you pick a peck.  Today through Sunday (July 28), pay only $6 instead of $12.  It is a delicious variety with many cooking options.  Comment on the blog to share your favorite uses—not everyone knows this variety well.


The little Fairytale eggplants are picking, too, but they aren’t part of the sale.  That’s because we really need your help with the Japanese eggplants, to clear the stems and allow the babies to grow.  Meanwhile, the classic eggplants, the familiar type, aren’t ready to pick yet.  We’ll let you know on Facebook and the crop alerts.


The eggplant fields are in the back.  Just walk up Stumphenge Boulevard past the row markers of the Dwarf Orchard.  At 16, you’re almost there.


Pass by this sign.  Can’t miss it.

05-P1160620On the hilltop, across from the strawberry field, you will see the slingshot.  That is the official marker of the eggplant field.  Don’t fire the weapon yet.  Not until the 2nd Annual Pigs-n-Apples Party at harvest time!


The eggplant rows look kind of plain at first sight.  Might look like there is no produce, just a few purple flowers.  But have faith.  Trust the Hoff.


Tucked underneath the foliage are pendulous specimens of Japanese eggplant.  They are sweet, succulent, and awesome for grilling and roasting.  Whom do you see?



Same urgency with the plums!  They need picking now.  We have only a half dozen trees and they are beautifully appointed this year!  They’ll be gone by weekend’s end.


The trail begins at the raspberry patch, where you will see a dangling orange ribbon.


Another ribbon dangles over a pile of stuff.


And another flies over the irrigation valve.


Eventually you’ll wind around to the greenhouse.


And that’s where you’ll see beauties like these in small trees.  We need your help picking them, but if that is too much work, get a box at the stand.



Our modest raspberry patch made the cover of the Ithaca Journal this week.  The “Little Berry Patch That Could” still can… and still is.  Clever hunters can find plenty despite heavy picking this year.  Michelle, Missy, and Morgan cruised down from Cornell in their dune buggy—and left with weekend brunch toppings…


…while the summer interns labored through a massive downpour.  Which looks more fun, college or farming?  Ahh, they both have their ups and downs. Nothing like the wind in your hair as you tractor a freshly fitted field.



Well, that’s the picking report.  Down at the farm stand, it really feels like summer.


You can check the chalkboard for seasonal status.


We have Pennsylvania peaches as an appetizer—our peaches will be ready REALLY soon.  Stay tuned, and please don’t pick the peaches til the green light.


Gobs of goodies are flowing into the stand now.


Culinary staples like onions and garlic, plus blueberries, apricots, sweet cherries, sour cherries, and sweet yellow plums.



You don’t have to leave a message on the piano anymore. We got a new phone at the farm stand! Here is the number: 607-227-8248. Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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1 Response to A Big Eggplant Sale, a Rare Plum Batch, and a Morning Hasselhoff.

  1. If you have eggplants with harrison ford, robert downey, jr. or peter macnicol, i’m there!! all looks so inspiring – bring on the recipes!

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