New Indoor Farm Stand Open for Local Thanksgiving Supplies.

FOOD EXCITES the farm dogs, but snow makes them nutty.  They are winter animals through and through.  They run outside to gambol and snort when we hunker inside like… people.


Yes, the ears go back and the eyes go crazy—just like kids in a bounce house.  Makes sense.  You know, all that fur and stuff.


We farmers, not so furry.  We pack up our chattel and move the store indoors.  It’s not Neimann Marcus, but what do you expect?


We have apples, anyway.  Honeycrisp, spigold, mutsu and more.  We’re open every day, self-serve.  Do drop in.


We have Orchard Ambrosia, too, even a special pressing of Honeycrisp cider.  It’s all in the cooler under the front porch.


And a few crates of Brussels sprouts.  These are the last sprouts of the year.  Take some to Thanskgiving with Piggery bacon.


And a smattering of late season crops, like squash, spuds, onions, and garlic.  Just a couple bucks here and there.


Make sure you read the signs, because we’ve triple-checked our spelling this year.  Oh, and please shoot outside.


Have a warm and fuzzy Thanksgiving.  Be safe on the messy roads.  Don’t be strangers this winter.  We’re open daily til further notice.

Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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