Summer Fruits and Vegetables Go Swinging into August; Lots to Pick and Find at Stand.

A SUDDEN SQUALL hit the farm this week.  All the customers went scampering off.   A few sneaky fruits and vegetables seized the moment to give the new porch swing a whirl.

You can swing, too.  There are 3 swings at the stand.  A gentle way to warm up your spirit for picking.  And now for the week’s goodies…


Peach Status:  Ask which rows are picking when you arrive.  If those rows get thin, you can find juicy peaches down at the stand.


Apple Status:  The Pristines have seen lots of pickers.  You can probably still find some on the trees.  Dwarf Orchard, Row 7.


Eggplant Status:  Pick a bunch.  Lots of classic, Japanese, and fairytales.  Plenty at the stand if you need more for baba ghanouj.


Pepper Status:  Peppers galore… 10 types or more.  Sweets, hots, and the mystical/magical pepper between—El Poblano Magnífico.


Tomato Status:  7+ varieties, all just starting.  Wave #1 gave us some beauties.  Wave #2 is on the way.  Plenty at the stand, too.


Raspberry Status:  The heavy fruiting days are waning, but clever pickers are still finding berries, especially low near the ground.


Flower Status:  Lots to pick around the farm.  The lads and lasses at the stand have also created farmy bouquets in glass jars.


Fruit Summary:  Lovely fruit this year.  Fall apple crop is looking good.  Meanwhile, berries, peaches, nectarines, melons, pears and more.

09-P1230085Veggie Summary:  Cukes are coming back.  Tomatoes are kicking in.  Buckets of squash and barrels of peppers.  Please pick and eat.

Farm Buzz

{ Signage Stories. }

sToot your horn when you pass our new signs.  We’ve installed an official DOT Destination Sign on each side of the farm to raise awareness of turning traffic at the blind curve and the crest of the hill.


Signage work continues apace.  Our visiting artist (and mom) is painting 70 marvelous new markers for the Dwarf Orchard.  Going to make it so much easier to pick apples.  Thanks, Mom!


This is Farmer Sign Language for, “Come get your hands dirty.  Let’s pick the crops clean!”  Thanks for all your picking so far this season.  Summer rolls on.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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