Peaches, Apples, Vegetables, and the First Cider of the Year.

WHO IS THE BEST PERSON to be stuck on a desert island with?  A dreamy star like Burt Reynolds or Bo Derek?  A brilliant doctor to save you from mosquito bites?  A Wall Street attorney to help you milk that island good and proper?  These guesses are incorrect!

toneThe correct answer is:  a FARMER.  Farmers think ahead.  They plan for the future.  They improvise against all odds.  They have magnificent, flowing hair.  And they make FOOD.  You’ll need food on your island adventure.

2-P1210120Like APPLE CIDER.  First pressing of the year!  Get it crisp and cold.  It’s a sweet-tart blend with Pristines and Esmeraldas, our secret wonder apples picked off one old mysterious tree.

3-P1160613PEACHES.  We’ve opened Rows 6 & 7, and they’re gonna get picked fast.  Fanatics of the Red Haven variety will be elbowing you out of the way.  Just tell them the best stuff is in Row 88 near the free gold bullion dispenser.  That will keep ’em busy.

4-P1230535PEACH PECKS.  You can get $18 pecks of peaches at the stand.  That’s a great deal and we only have 50 pecks this weekend.  They’ll go fast.  Shop while supplies last.

gingGINGER GOLD APPLES.  Widely regarded as one of the best early apples, these are ready when you see a “mellow shoulder,” meaning a subdued hue rather than a bright green.

5-P1240017SANSA APPLES.  Pick these children of Gala, and you’ll taste Gala’s inherent sweetness, but with more early-season acidity.

6-P1170802TOMATOES.  First wave of romas and beefsteaks are kicking in.  Look down low on the plants for the ripe ones.

eggEGGPLANT.  Whoever picked these 50 tiny baby eggplants and left them in a box to rot, umm, you left your earbuds.  Despite your dubious deed, there are plenty of eggplants to pick.  No babies, please!

pepperpuppywPEPPERS.  Jalapeños, cayennes, poblanos, bells… lots to pick.  A farm fan sent this photo of a cute little fluffy thing who reportedly licks jalapeños then chases the cat around the house.

hillCUKES.  Probably on their way out, but the field is open.  Look at these “lacto-fermented cukes and scapes” by farm fan @hillaryboucher!

8-P1240061FLOWERS.  We have 1.5 million just waiting for you.  Cut your own all round the farm.  They won’t last forever.

tbDid you know that Farmer Bruno has made over 1.5 million fruit trees?  That’s right, he’s grafted or budded them by hand!  The kind of guy you want on your desert island.  And he never falls of his chair.

7-P1240082Thank you for supporting the farm.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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2 Responses to Peaches, Apples, Vegetables, and the First Cider of the Year.

  1. Ellen Parlee says:

    Wow! All of this fruit looks great! And there’s nothing like that first glass of apple cider of the season.

  2. Chris Gonso says:

    Gorgeous shots! Congrats.

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