Save 50% on Pears; Big $2 Lily Sale; Pick Last Wave of Peaches; 50% Off Eggplant; Plentiful Tomatoes.

OKAY, FARM FANS, you deserve a holiday break.  So, we’re knocking off our typical newsletter nonsense—and knocking off some prices!  Here’s a pile of sales, deals, discounts, pitches, and bargains.  And a SAVE-THE-DATE for next weekend, Saturday, September, 12!

1-P1180424Pick Bartlett pears for only 75¢ a pound!  That’s 50% off!  Pick now, not later!  Pear season will be frizzling out soon.

2-P1230961Come pick the last wave of peaches.  Peach season will go poof soon, too!  A few days ago, we made a Facebook post about peaches and over 8,000 people saw it!  Gonna be a race to pick the peaches.  Follow us on Facebook to get those breaking midweek alerts that can’t wait til Friday.

3-IMG_6714If you get beat to the peach punch, we have a sale on pre-picked pecks:  $18/peck, or $16/peck when you buy 2, or $15/peck when you buy 3.  Cobbler time!  Canners, come forth!

7-P1230729Absurd sale on stunning lilies!  Only $2/stem and they MUST GO THIS WEEKEND.  We have to make room in the cooler for apple season.  Please rescue these beauties!

4-P1230531Your apple duty this week:  Pick the Ginger Gold trees clean.  That is your prime directive as local fruit lovers.


Pick Italian eggplant for only 75¢ per pound!  That’s 50% off!  (Italian only; not dwarf.)  Parm it up, people!

5-P1230538There are lots of Beefsteak and Roma tomatoes to pick fresh off the vine.  If you want cherries or heirlooms, ask Allie at the stand.  (She has a secret field.  Password:  toMMMato.)

6-P1210120Fresh apple cider and donuts!  You can’t make the latter without the former.  Donuts will be served 11 AM – 4 PM on Saturday and Sunday.  Cider is always available.  Always fresh, never frozen… but it freezes great at home.

Picking-for-Puppies---yellowSAVE THE DATE:  Next Saturday, September 12, please come pick McIntosh apples.  The farm will donate 50% of the proceeds to benefit local animal shelters.  All you have to do is pick Macs at the regular price (or get discounts when you pick volume).  We’ll do the rest in collaboration with the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine.  You will be helping local farms, local animals, and your own local snack habit.  Bring friends and go “Picking for Puppies” (and Cats and Wabbits and Boids and whatnot.)  Hope to see you at the ‘Creek.

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  1. What kind of Apples are used for Jelly. I should mix them, but what kinds are mixed, anybody ? Favorite recipes ?

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