New This Week:  Order Apple Gift Boxes Online!  We’re Still Open for Apple Picking, Cider & Donuts!

WHEN YOU GO into the drug store to buy toothpaste and gummy bears, you are pursuing a course of action which is classically referred to as “a complete waste of time.”  The toothpaste and gummy bears cancel out exactly.

Things are different at the farm.  No two products cancel out.  They all add up to a higher life score.  Allow Professor Zorro, Ph.D., to demonstrate with a few examples.

“When you pick APPLES and a jug of CIDER, you get apples plus apples plus a dollop of pear.  All local, all good.”

“When you lop SPROUTS and grab SQUASH, it is nutritious plus delicious which equals bravissimo.”

“When you carry your dream PUMPKIN home and carve it up, you create a caloric deficit that fresh DONUTS will not erase.  After all, your short-term happiness counts for something in the arithmetic of the universe.  Woof!”

Do the math, Farm Fans!  There are plenty of reasons to keep the season going.  Sure, the weather is getting ickier and ickier.  Darkness comes earlier each day.  But we will be here rain or shine, 9 AM – 5 PM, every day.

You can still pick apples and sprouts; drink fresh cider; get last-minute pumpkins; and, eat donuts.  (Last day for donuts is, Sunday, November 1, 11AM – 4PM!)  You can also hit the playground with friends… of all ages.



New this week!  Order Apple Gift Boxes for shipping or pickup.  These are the best way to share a piece of The ‘Creek with your loved ones.  Each box contains 14 beautiful apples grown on the farm.  Learn more.



The Heirloom Harvest Apple Box is one of 4 great options.  It allows you to share antique and exotic varieties that you won’t find in a grocery store.  Apple Gift Boxes are ready now, fresh from the harvest.  If supplies last, we will offer boxes closer to Thanksgiving; but, now you get first dibs.

“But, but, but, it’s not gift giving season.  Says who?!  Are you a secret agent for Hallmark, Inc.?  It is harvest season, and locavores know what that means:  Time to share.  If you send an Apple Gift Box right now, you’ll be right on time.



Lovely to see so many of you at the farm this year.  Our best year ever.  We’re not giving up on the season yet.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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