Get Free Hooch This Friday at the Cider House; Order Apple Gift Boxes Now for Thanksgiving.

LOYAL FARMKETEERS:  We are still open every day til 5 PM.  If you are trapped at the office all day, please come see us on the weekend.  Rain or shine, sleet or snow, sh*t or Shinola.

The rest of you could pop in during the week to keep Farmer Amanda from knitting herself to sleep on the job.

APPLES, CIDER, SPROUTS, and SQUASH.  The other characters in our crop opera have all died off by this point in the show.  But please enjoy apples, cider, sprouts, and squash.

Now taking center stage:  APPLE GIFT BOXES!  It is time to order if you want boxes to arrive for Thanksgiving.  See the goods and order online!

If you were to open an Apple Gift Box and read the printed insert, you would find this description of the Black Oxford apple:  “Tino here in the office says:  ‘It’s like biting into another galaxy.'”

This enigmatic statement will make some of you wonder about the apple.  “Tell me more about this Black Oxford,” you will say.  Others will wonder about Tino.  “Tell me more about this Tino.”  Well, he’s the guy in the photo below, as seen performing in the studio of the Sunday radio program, “The Salt Creek Show.”

It is plain to see:  Tino is the person you get when you genetically engineer a man to possess the best features of both Santa Claus and Sasquatch, while burning off their worst features in a bonfire of orchard prunings.  You can see for yourself this Friday!

Tino will be playing and singing at Finger Lakes Cider House on Friday, November 13, 5:30-9 PM.  They’re serving dinner.  See the menu and join the Facebook event.

If you come to the Finger Lakes Cider House for dinner and music on Friday, November 13, 2015, you can get ONE FREE HARD CIDER ON TAP.  The only way to receive this great blessing is to print this coupon, or pull it up on your phone, and present it at the Cider House tasting room.  The photo is your coupon.  You Loyal ‘Creekniks are the only people in the world who are getting this deal.

Why do Farmketeers get this deal?  Because our customers are the best in the WOOOORRRLLDD!   You do great things like make us applesauce and bring it to the farm!  Thanks, Pam and Jeff.IMG_7684

Thanks for visiting all season.  You are like friends and family.  And now you can send a piece of the farm to YOUR friends and family:  Order Apple Boxes this week to arrive in time for Thanksgiving.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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