Pick Your Own Raspberries, Veggies, Herbs, and Flowers; Get Peaches and Blueberries, Too!

WHEN PIGS FLY.  When doves cry.  When heck freezes over.  Even frosh Farmketeers know what these old phrases mean.  But only veteran ‘Creekniks know what it means “when the chicken plays the keys…”

It means farm season proper!  We are open every day, we are tending the stand, and there is good stuff to find daily.  FYI this is the most viewed piano-playing chicken of any small farm in the 12-county Finger Lakes region.

But she’s not the only flamboyant farmbird in town.  Jimbird stuffed himself with magical black cap raspberries on a recent visit with his pet human @carolinemanring.  (Farm Twitter.)

Meanwhile Farm Facebook fan Laura got a pretty pic of her berry haul.  The crop comes in waves — and so do the pickers.  Just do your best.  Look low on the plants behind the leaves if you’ve arrived after a surge of rival berry hunters.

Meanwhile, Tracy on Instagram did heroic work in a hot kitchen:  homemade raspberry breakfast bars.  Follow the Farm Instagram for daily updates between newsletters.

Foodies, it is time to up your game.  You can talk all day about terroir and pairings, but until you have eaten July apples — the first apples of the year — you’re all vine and no taters, as they say around here.  According to our fellow applers in England, these Yellow Transparent apples are crisp, light, and juicy.  Ideal for drying, freezing, saucing, and juicing.

Come pick vegetables!  Farmer Allie says you can now pick zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, and Swiss chard.

Cut your own flowers!  Nobody will bother you here in the flower zone.  Wander and create your boo-kay.

Peaches a-plenty at the farm stand.  None to pick yourselves this year on account of the freak winter weather.  But these will dribble down your chin all the same.

Blueberries, too.  Try them in your berry bars or gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, flavor-free muffins.  Yum.

Don’t miss Alice’s Lavish Lilies™ — they’re wowwy.  (Linguistic sidebar:  Say lavish.  Now say slavish.  Now say Slavic.  Three different ‘a’ sounds.  English is an unruly beast.)

You must transcend the indolent masses and pick up a 2016 brochure.  The picking fields have changed, so you need to see the new map inside.  Also includes picking tips-n-tricks.

Finally, read quotes from Farmer Steve about how this extraordinary drought is impacting the farm.  As you can see by the diving board in the farm pond, the land is thirsty.

Okay, folks, thank you for tuning in this week.  It is a drought year.  There are no peaches or apricots to pick.  The political climate is a mess.  There is violence in the streets.  But we are tending the crops and the farm is open to all.  Here’s to the start of a fruitful season.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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