Apple Season Begins with U-Pick Macs and 1st Cider of the Year; Big Tomato Sale Continues Apace.

DEAR ‘CREEKNIKS:  High apple season starts today!  You can pick McIntoshes off century-old trees in the Vintage Orchard and drink the first cider of the year.  Yes, Orchard Ambrosia is here!  Gallons and halfers chilled at the stand.

McIntosh apples are the harbingers of high apple season.  And they’re cute little buggers, showing none of the smugness associated with their Cupertino cousins.

Perfectly palm-size for a lunchbox.  Grab a Mac, groovy snack.  The trees are easy picking right now.  Please help us make great use of this crop which we’re lucky to have this year.

Liquid gold flows again!  The gang picked and pressed the first cider of the year.  Nothing but apples and pears, no added sugar, unpasteurized.  Plain old tree juice.

Foodies take note:  Orchard Ambrosia changes profile as apple season unfurls.  Taste it now, then next week, then the week after that.  New apple varieties — new flavor, aroma, mouthfeel, and finish.  But always refreshing.

The Big Beefsteak Box sale continues!  These $15 pecks are ready for your saucing and canning.  Works out to about $1/pound, which (absurdly) is cheaper than u-pick.  You can also catch the last day of the $1 weekday u-pick sale, which ends today, Friday, September 9:  $1/pound for u-pick beefsteaks.  Does not include Roma, San Marzano, cherry, or heirloom, which are rapidly diminishing as tomato seasons enters its final… er… finale.

So we celebrate the tomato.  Just look at this glorious gutbuster by our Featured Farmketeer, @mapleandmatcha.  A thousand times YES to your local tomato, basil, veggie pizzas.  We drool and bow before you.  Extra gluten, please.

Oh wait, what’s that?  Homemade tomato soup?  When the gastronome goes back to basics, it sure tastes like home.

Going international!  Soumen with fresh tomato wedges and a heart-healthy helping of freshies.

And finally this Provençal tian, shown in progress and served with couscous, starring tomatoes and squash from The ‘Creek.  Thank you for the inspiration, @mapleandmatcha!

A cute mosaic from another ‘Creenik, @clabs21.  You are welcome to hunt for everything you see here:  fall berries, assorted tomatoes, and cut-your-own flowers.  Our prime directive will be apples for the next 6 weeks, but you can forage for vegetables and other bits-n-bobs around the farm.

And this show-stopper from @lauroonbert.  Speaking of little dumplins, new kid shirts are here!  They’re awfully cute.  Made in USA.  Silkscreened in Ithaca.  Get ’em at the farm stand.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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