11 Reasons to Visit the Farm Now and Breaking News of Donuts; Come Be Here, Farmketeers!

DEAR CREEKNIKS, this Fresh Crop Alert is sponsored by the autumnal equinox.  Such a lovely word, equinox.  Tacked on the end is nox, night.  But the dark times are not yet nigh.  And they are farther still if you expaaaaand your autumn.  If you get outdoors for fresh air and fresh food.  Here are 10 reasons to be… here… now.  And 1 bonus for careful readers.

New apples this week – Pick Cortland, Empire, Sweet 16, Elstar, Pixie Crunch, McIntosh, and more varieties that are ripening as the days roll by.  Wander, mix, and match.

Even more apples – Down at the farm stand you will find the apple display filling with varieties you’ve never heard of next to farm fan favorites like Honeycrisp!

New this week – Pick your dream pumpkin!  Or warmup pumpkins for carving practice.  The field is ready and striped with towering sunflowers.

New this week Fresh hot apple cider donuts!  You can waltz right up to the new “Donut Hole” every Saturday and Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM, and get these poppable treats.

Fresh cider – Behind every good donut is an orchard-based cider.  We call it Orchard Ambrosia, and it is just fresh fruit, unpasteurized, no sugar added, squeezed and bottled here.

Family playground The hilltop has become a favorite place to hang for picnics and games.  You’ll find a swingset (big enough for grownups), a giant sandbox, a real tractor to “drive” and an open playing field for running about.

Apple Mountain True, it looks like a pile of dirt.  But Apple Mountain is the kids’ special place.  They run up and slide down and generally make a mess of their outfits.

Ping Pong and badminton – The playground just got more gamesy with 2 concrete outdoor tennis tables and a badminton court on the grass like Wimbledon.  Farmbledon, hereafter.

Pick vegetables – Veggie season is waning but the fields are still ready for pickers.  Plenty of bell and hot peppers, still delicious tomatoes, and lots of eggplant.  U-pick Japanese eggplant are on sale for only $1/lb thru Friday.

Cut your own flowers Many varieties in many gardens around the farm.  But sunflowers are going nuts.  Pick your own, get a meditative smile.

Cidergarden – The “front porch” seating area enters its second season and you will find it a shady place to eat donuts, drink cider, and maybe even hear some guitars plucking.

Cider Week event at Indian Creek Farm – Please join us at 4 PM on Wednesday, October 5, 2016.  You will learn about cider apple varieties with Steve of Indian Creek and Autumn of Eve’s Cidery fame.  They’ll tour you around our tree nursery, sample cider apples, taste hard cider, and geek out good and proper.  Stay tuned to next week’s newsletter for details.  Happy fall and hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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