High Apple Season, Peak Pumpkin Time, and a Free Puppet Show on the Playground!

LOYAL FARMKETEERS:  Remember how we lost the entire peach, plum, and apricot crop this year?  It hurt.  But you have rallied to salvage the season by coming to the farm for apples, pumpkins, cider, and donuts.  We need a few more solid weeks in October.  Please join us while the picking is good.

Apple Picking – New this week are the blue-ribbon apples called Red Delicious.  They get the blue ribbons because they are Farmer Stephen’s favorite apple – and boy does he know apples.  “Red Delish is my wish,” says he, “O, the ‘Licious is so Vicious!”  You can also pick Red Spy (red ribbons), Autumn Gala, Snowsweet, Fortune, and Sir Prize; an abundant and beautiful crop of Jonagold; and, possibly the last of the Macouns and Spartans.

Pumpkin Picking – Your Dozen Dollar Bag!  Pick all the pumpkins you can fit into our new reusable bag for only $12!  You keep the bag and leave with a cozy pile of pumpkins.

Cucurbitastic and bombastic – This year’s capacious pumpkin patch is positively cucurbitastic.  That means full of herbaceous vines like pumpkins, squashes, and gourds.  Come pick yours!  This message is sponsored by Farmketeer Laura, who challenged us to use “cucurbita” in a Crop Alert.

Sunflower Picking – The pumpkin patch is full of sunflowers and they won’t last long.  Cut your own and take some sunshine to your home or office.  Stylie photo by local company and farm fans, @hookedproductions.

Donuts – ‘Nuff said.  They derive their savory-sweet powers from the simple fact that they are hoops of fried dough, brewed with fresh apple cider and topped with cinnamon sugar.  Saturdays and Sundays 10 AM – 6 PM.

Cider – Straight tree juice, nectar of the dogs gods.  Pressed here from fresh apples and pears.  No added sugar.  Not even pasteurized.  Just squeezed fruit.  In honor of Cider Week Finger Lakes, our fabled Orchard Ambrosia is on sale for full price!  What, do you think this stuff grows on trees?!

Veggies – Check out this exemplary haul from about a week ago by visitors @winegasm_ (Astoria, NYC).  By comparison, this week you will find that tomatoes are mostly picked out, although determined pickers can find heirlooms, cherries, and Marzanos.  Plenty of hot peppers, while bell peppers are still in a second wave of immature green-purple.  Plenty of eggplant.  U-pick eggplant sale = $1/pound on weekdays.

SPROUTS – These scions of Brussel never cease to capture the attention of folks who’ve never seen them on the stalk.  Come lop your own.  They work great as party favors, housewarming gifts, and bacon stirfry staples.

Puppet Show – Join us Saturday, October 8, 2016, for an all ages puppet show!  Free admission.  Gather at the playground for a 4 PM show by LilySilly Puppets, featuring singing creatures, puppet dancers, poems, and a whole lot of absurdity.  Live music from classically trained Matthew Ocone.  See the official Facebook event for details and weather updates.  Rain date is Sunday, October 16.  Seating is butts on grass.  Expect crowds on farm.

Playground – The playground hits prime time with Apple Mountain, ping pong, table tennis, swingset, climbing tractor, giant sandbox, and a picnic table for 28.

Farm Shirts & Red Bags – Amanda here at the stand says this shirt is ugly.  Maybe she is right.  Nonetheless, these handsome farmers are in the primes of their lives and they display their farm merch with pride.  Beauty is boring.
From Apple Fest to Happy Harvest – You guys made our weekend at Apple Fest a blast.  Now you can come to the farm any day of the week for the ongoing delight of October apple and pumpkin harvest.  We’re open every day til dark.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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