Sunday Garlic Party Needs You; Exercise Your Power to Impeach; Baby Porcupine Devours Fresh Dead Peach Tree; Donuts.

DEAR ‘CREEKNIKS:  Donald J., Professor Emeritus of Trump University College of Law, teaches us that he has “complete power to pardon” himself and his family.  He failed to mention that YOU have the complete power to impeach.

That’s right – impeachment is not a power of the Congress.  Only you have the power to impeach yourself and your family.  Simply come to the farm to GET IMPEACHED!  The second wave of ripe juicy fruits is here.  You cleaned us out last week but the trees keep on giving.  As with all crops, peaches are first come, first git.  Commence bumrush.

Sunday Garlic Party 10 AM to 5 PM – Please come pick your own garlic on Sunday.  Join us for the first harvest event of the season where you can pick a few heads for fun with the kids or harvest enough to store for the whole year.  You’ll get volume discounts.  It is a day of easygoing activities with free classes, games, and garlicky snacks.  Free face painting.  Free admission.  The farm will be open for normal picking and shopping.  Facebook event listing, Ithaca Events listing.

Your Sunday Garlic Party Host – Greg has been tending the crop to get ready for the big day.  Here he is after picking the first hundred heads for next year’s seed and biking it down to beat the storm.  It will hang from the rafters of the barn where it gets good air flow from the wind but is safely out of the rain!  Thus the cure will cure.  Greg will teach free classes on Sunday including Garlic Growing and Storage 101 (11 AM), Kids Pesto Making (1 PM), and Medicinal Effects of Garlic (4 PM).  See the Facebook event listing, Ithaca Events listing.

“Donuts.  Are.  Going.  To.  Happen.”  That is Farmer Steve’s bold prophecy of the week.  Behind the bluster, it is a quivering metaphysical kind of statement – dozens of factors could conspire to make a liar out of our oracle.  But donuts don’t depend on weather, so that helps the odds.  Served fresh Saturday and Sunday, presumably starting around 10 AM.

Berry update – Look what an enterprising family scored last week, and what a picturesque shabby-chic picking box.  This week, raspberries are sputtering.  Time to lower expectations.  Still there but you have to earn them.  Strawberries will continue as before:  hunt and you will find them scattered throughout the surprise field.

Raspberry peach perfection – Oh, gosh, a double whammy of farm fresh food whupped into a dessert for days.  Inspired locavore baking by @aurora.rey, Femme Farmketeer and lesbian romance novelist.  Bon appe-peach!

Pristine apples – Time to pick these terrific apples.  Come on, folks.  Don’t be predictable and wait til September to pick apples.  These Pristines are not red but they are blushing with summer buzz.  A good-eating gift before the dawn of August.

Big Old Farm Cat Adopts Little New Farm Cat – You can binge watch 4 episodes of Season 1 right here.  Each episode lasts about 2 seconds.  Ready go.  Episode 1, “The Lick.”

Episode 2 – “The Wink.”

Episode 3 – “The Bath Gets Serious.”

Episode 4 – “The Final Nuzzle.”

Dead tree good for baby porcupine!  Amanda Moshier, Manager of Animal Collections at Cayuga Nature Center, called the farm this week with an unusual inquiry:  Did we have any freshly dead fruit trees to feed Sir Pokesalot?  Watch this positively cherubic young porcupine chew into the tender cambium of a recently fallen peach tree.  Too much fruit hurts his tummy, but the fibrous treestuff is his favorite meal.  Thank you, Amanda and Pokesy, maybe you two could visit the farm one day this fall?  Kids would loveeeee it.

Free stuff – That’s your Fresh Crop Alert for the weekend of July 29, 2017.  But you can have a fresh crop alert on your car FOREVER.  Please stick one of these on something.  We have 2,000 of them sitting around here.  See you at Farmer Greg’s Sunday Garlic Party?  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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