Bright Orchard Lights in the Darkening Times; Fresh Cider and U-Pick Sprouts; Big 95¢ Apple Sale; and, Weekend Donuts.

SOME SAY HOORAY; some say, No way!  When that single hour of light moves to the morning from the night, you get winners and losers.  Should we split it down the middle with the hatchet of compromise?  Give 30 minutes to the morning larks and half an hour to the nightbirds?  60-40?  It won’t matter.  However you chop it, there is less sunlight to go around.  So we have to look for lights where we can find them.

How about these burning beacons in the orchard?  The kickass kindergarteners of Enfield Elementary School left us the biggest, brightest thank you note you’ll ever see!  Makes us soooo proud!  It was our privilege to host ye little scapegraces!  Obviously our Farmketeers of the Week.  Livelier than a troupe of two-tailed puppies.  Nobody else stood a chance.

Here’s the “Brownie Picker” they’re talking about.  Brownies don’t grow on trees, but apples do and Brownie helps us reach them.  Also allows Farmer Dusky to make rousing speeches to the apples – they are great listeners and never interrupt.  He will take questions at the end.

Another bright light:  You can still get appley donuts and heirloom treats such as Ashmead’s Kernel.  These live at opposite ends of the apple spectrum.  Highly processed fried wheat flour doped with white sugar, on the one hand, and exotic heritage fruit handpicked off the tree, on the other.  They each have a place and a purpose.  Donuts served on Saturday and Sunday 10 to 4.  Apples available every day.

Still shining in the darkness is our BIG 95¢ APPLE CLEARANCE SALE on Gala, Empire, and Cortland.  People have been loading up for making pies, crisps, snacks, rings, and lunchbox stuffers.  At 95¢ per pound, even Paul Manafort can afford a bag after posting his $12.5 million bail including Trump Tower apartment.

Orchard Ambrosia still flows.  Get your gallons and half-gallons in the fridge at the stand.  Get extra and freeze it.  It freezes great.  Apples will be gone soon.  Homebrewers, drop off your carboys now or wait 322 days to get the finest unpasteurized booze-making nectar in the land.  Leave your bottles inside the doors that say “Do Not Enter.”  Write your name and phone on the bottle.  We will call you when filled.  We are pressing at least once a week.  Price is $8/gal which drops to $7/gal when you order 6+ gallons.

Brussels sprouts are hitting peak season.  They like it chilly and even snowy.  Come lop your own.  Find the piano in the field and the loppers should be leaning nearby if your fellow Farmketeers had the shred of decency to put them back.

A light from distant lands.  Welcome to Kazakhstan, NY.  We are recreating the ancestral homeland of the apple right here at Indian Creek.  Exotic and heirloom apples in a jumbled miniature orchard.  From Sieversii Malus to Wickson Crab to Redfield to Storm Apple No. 13… Oh the picking will be done in a forest of fun.  Coming soonish.

Perhaps the brightest light of all.  This deal will really bring ‘Creekniks clamoring out of their caves.  Our ANNUAL DEAD FLOWER SALE starts now.  Take them all.  Free.  Arrive early.  It’s gonna be like Black Friday around here.

We are still open every day 8 to 5.  Farm Kitty is in charge of the stand on weekdays.  Thus it is self-serve.  There is a gray metal box for cash.  You can use credit cards on the weekends.  You will find us here Saturday and Sunday by the woodstove with donuts (served til 4 pm) and a half-decent attitude if you catch us at the right moment.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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