U-Pick and “U-Pic” Season: Strawberry Picking is OPEN (come pick now) and This Year You Can Submit Pics to Win Free Fruits & Veggies (send your picking pics).

LOYAL FARMKETEERS:  We searched high and low for a strawberry-ginger kid to kick off strawberry Fresh Crop Alerts.  As usual nepotism “trumped” talent and we handed the job to Maximilian, scion of the orchard here at The ‘Creek.  After all, everyone knows that meritocracy isn’t fair to family members who have no skills and poor judgement.  At any rate Max’s prospects are limited even with this boost from above; he is second in line – an ersatz Prince Harry – after his big brother Koll who has the advantage of using almost full sentences.

What would Max tell you if he was a useful age?  Strawberry season has begun; please come pick now.  The crop will wane and wax daily; it is first come, first get.  We are open 9 AM to 7 PM every day.  There is not much in stock at the farm stand yet – you have to pick your own berries in the field.  Berries are $6 a quart with bulk discounts for determined pickers – only $32 for an 8-quart box (33% savings).  Pick rain or shine.  Ideally before Saturday’s rain.

Veteran Farm Fans know that The ‘Creek will only be partially combobulated this early in the year.  We don’t reach full Disney production values til well into October, just in time to shut down for the season.  So pardon our dust and spotty signage.  You should wander basically leftward – southward for you serious hikers – from the main driveway and you will find the strawberry field.  It is uphill of last year’s pumpkin field.  Just west of last year’s Brussels sprouts.  East of the tomatoes which aren’t visible yet.  Far north of Elmira.

A few other goodies will trickle into the farm stand.  For starters you will find the first garlic greens if Greg picks enough to keep up with demand.  You can treat them like any other stirfry treasure.  Next in the garlic collection we’ll have garlic scapes, then garlic proper.  Probably a blowout garlic picking party like last year.  Save the date in July.  We don’t have a date yet so best to keep your July clear.

Pears are doing their upside-down dance this time of year.  Really, that’s how they start life.  Lots of other crops are coming along, too.  Should be a great year for peaches, pears, plums, apples, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, pumpkins, squashes, garlics, sprouts, flowers, herbs, cider and donuts.  Yes, we are saying it SHOULD be a great year for crops.  But if you want to make the goddess laugh, tell her your plans.

New this year!  Our “U-Pic” special.  Made it up yesterday.  The only such deal in America maybe.  Send us pics of you and your people picking stuff at the farm, and we will feature your photos in our Fresh Crop Alerts and social media posts and all that – AND we’ll send Indian Creek gift certificates to the winners with the best photos!  Who knows how often we will award the prizes; really it’s just another thing on our to-do list which seems to get longer every day.  (Oh crap, that thing on the tractor thing just broke again.)  But we would love to share your funnest/neatest/prettiest photos, and we will send out some $10 certificates.  Maybe even $11.  As you can see there is not much financial incentive for you to do this and it’s not much of a deal.  But the offer stands.  Send your best shots to upic@indiancreekithaca.com.  Thank you, cheers to you all, and hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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