Pick Peaches, Veggies, and Flowers; Eat Dusky’s Delicious Sweet Corn; Say Hi to Your Deluxe New Potty; First 4 Trees of Donut Peaches; ¡¿Esmeralda Mystery Apples?!

WHO IS THE BEST PERSON to be stuck on a desert island with? A dreamy star like Tom Selleck or Morgan Fairchild? A brilliant doctor to save you from mosquito bites? A Wall Street lawyer to help you milk that island good and proper? These guesses are incorrect!

The correct answer is:  FARMER.  Farmers think ahead.  They plan for the future.  They improvise against the odds.  And they make FOOD.  You will need food on your exotic island adventure.  Such as donut peaches.  A marvelous invention.  There are 4 trees of donut peaches ready for you to pick.   Exactly 4 – not 5 or 6.  That means they might be picked clean by the time you get here.  Farmer Steve said we probably shouldn’t even mention them.  Oops, the cat is out of the bag.

Yes, the cat is out the bag… and into the sweet corn.  Dusky’s Delicious™ SummerSweet™ corn works across species lines.  It is not genetically modified – we don’t have GMO crops – but it is engineered through classical plant breeding to appeal to humans and felines.  Last weekend Dusky sold clean outta ears so get your dozen stat.  But wook at doze fuzzy earsss!

Pick peaches.  You should find plenty of regular peaches even after the 4 donut trees get whupped.  Ask at the stand which rows are ready.  You really can’t tell just by looking.  And you don’t want to test by squeezing a bunch and ruining them.  Just ask and we’ll point you to the ripes and almost ripes.  Store them on the counter in a bag and boom they’ll be ready.

If the donut peaches are picked out, no tantrums please.  You can get DONUT-donuts instead.  Those are cooking Saturday and Sunday 10 to 6.  If the DONUT-donuts aren’t happening when they should be, a small tantrum is permitted.  But really small.  Like totally inside your head.  Or you can squinkle your toes or sniffle your mucilaginous membranes.  But please don’t hurt the donut person.  They are a person and not a donut.  Last Saturday we were short a lad and the donuts started late.  Let’s see if we can fumble our way toward a perfect 10:00 AM start this weekend.  Ready go.

Pick tomatoes, eggplant, peppers.  Same deal about the tantrums.  These crops are just getting rolling.  You will find some heirloom and cherry tomatoes; Italian, Japanese, and fairytale eggplant; and first sweet peppers.  Now here’s the thing about tomatoes and cracks.  A cracked tomato, if left on your counter in 90 degree heat at high humidity, will putrefy faster than a tomato that is kept slightly cooler or has the fullest protection of its skin.  Same logic as a peeled banana, bitten apple, or gash on your leg.  We received a plaintive note from a Farm Fan who had picked cracked tomatoes, expressing surprise that the cracked tomatoes were “totally moldy and disgusting” a couple days later.  She kindly asked us to warn fellow pickers.  We are hereby notifying 9,322 of you.  Our advice:  Pick em & eat em… fast & fresh!  Thank you all.

Peach galette.  Thank you to Farmketeer @fauselimagery for sharing such phantastic phood photos.

Eggplant, potatoes & veggies sauteed with hummus!  Thank you to @gazzellie for pairing fresh Indian Creek goodies with @ithacacoldcrafted lemon dill hummus.  They are our hometown hummus heroes.

Garlic scapes ‘n’ eggs for brunch.  Just a simple affair, really, but wholesome and healing, following a Montana mountain misadventure!  Thanks @hannah.george99.  See you back on the Go Finger Lakes trails soon.

Happy 40th Birthday to Farm Fan Elisha.  Her family and friends partied up at The ‘Henge, where they filled the 32-foot picnic table and sparked the new firepit.  (They also built the awesome new airplane swing.  Thanks again!)

Esmeralda Mystery Apples – The lone tree we call Esmeralda provided a small batch of summer apples!  There are precious few, so ask at the farm stand.  We do not know what kind they are.  They look like Honeycrisp but predate the advent of that sugarous monstrosity.  Esmeraldas are the first red and really apple-y apples of the season.  You can also pick your own Pristine apples in the Dwarf Orchard.

Kids.  Boxes.  On their heads.  What else is there to say, really?  Just walking up the farm road like this.  Eating Esmeralda Mystery Apples.  Good on yas.

Kids.  Potties.  Porta!  Yes, you will have to come see the new DELUXE PORT-A-POTTY with sink and sitdown and standup modes up by the playground.  Nestled in the bushes.  A game changer for kids and parents.  It will be stationed here through October harvest.  Woo hoo to the Loo.

Love to you all.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

(Thank you Suzy Goldleaf for the great squirrel photo!)
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