PEACH PANDEMONIUM: You “Peachple” Are the Peachiest Pickers Everrr! As a Thank You, Cut Your Own BOGO Bouquets! Also Pick Tomatoes, Apples, Peaches, and First Pears of the Year!

DEAR PEACHNIKS:  Thursday morning.  A quiet August morning for a couple old peaches down at the lake.

This is the quiet AFTER the storm.  Earlier this week, during the flash BOGO peach sale, you wholly stripped the donut peaches and kicked the regular peaches that were ripe!  You shattered all summer records and dignified the words LOCAVORE and BUMRUSH.  Never was there a more frenzied furor of picking in this little peach orchard.  Your dedication to the harvest was noted in the heavens.  It wrung the very heart.  It twinkled the farmers’ toes.

We could see it happening before our very eyes.  Sunday night, Sammy called a friend, “How peachy are you feeling?”  Risa called a friend, “How peachy are you feeling?”  People were feeling soooo peachy.  By Monday morning at 8 AM, cars were lined up.  We had pickers from all round the Finger Lakes and Pennsylvania and New Jersey and Ohio and even Binghamton.  And Canada!  (It’s that British colony north of Vermont.  They have a QUEEN!  How quaint and… well… quaint.)  Thank you Hannah for the eggplant telephones and that masterpiece which we can’t get out of our heads now.

And THANK YOU to all peach pickers.  You rescued the fruit – and the branches that will bear next year’s crop – from the rains.  So let’s do another sale to say thanks:  Cut your own bouquet, get a second one free!  You can visit the flower fields and beds around the farm.  Sale will run Thursday through Sunday, August 23-26.  Dress up your table.  Share with the friends whom you didn’t share the peaches with.  You really did help a local farm.  It doesn’t matter that we had to ply you with a BOGO.  It’s not hush money or a campaign violation.  You showed up fair and square and did the work.

Peach picking continues.  The peach BOGO sale is over for now, and the orchards will need a day or two to recharge.  You can come any day to hunt around, but our guesstimate is that there should be plenty of peaches to pick by Saturday.

Breaking news!  Bartlett pears are ready to pick!  Everybody waits for Tino to issue the results of the annual pear pressure test.  He’s our personal Pearxatawney Phil.  Tino the Human Groundhog says GREENLIGHT.

Farmer Steve says it is TOMATO season.  Says it could be a short season, so come load up.  These are 300-foot rows of tomatoes, so don’t just look at the near end where everybody else goes.  Walk down the rows and look under the leaves.  There’s tomatoes now.  Also pick eggplant and peppers in that same Nightshade field.

Donut peaches are kicked, but donuts are kicking.  You can get them pretty fresh and usually warm on Saturdays and Sundays 10 AM to 6 PM.  Tell the donut lad he’s doing a good job.  He makes LOTS of donuts.  (Cherry season is kaput.)

Pick Sansa apples.  Row 10 of the Dwarf Orchard.  A cross between the Akane and Gala varieties, developed in the 1970s as a collaboration between Japan and New Zealand.  Sweet and acidic.

Pick Zestar apples.  Row 11 of the Dwarf Orchard.  A product of Minnesota’s storied apple breeding.  Released in ’99.  Sweet and tart.  A cross between State Fair and a research apple MN 1691.

Pick Ginger Gold apples.  Rows 9 and 11.  A 1960s release from Virginia, discovered as a chance seedling, possible cross between Golden Delicious and Albemarle Pippin.  One of the best early season apples.

Love to y’all.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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2 Responses to PEACH PANDEMONIUM: You “Peachple” Are the Peachiest Pickers Everrr! As a Thank You, Cut Your Own BOGO Bouquets! Also Pick Tomatoes, Apples, Peaches, and First Pears of the Year!

  1. Helaine Berkowitz says:

    Love this site and all the information!! Made me laugh and motivate to get to you.
    Please add me to the email list!

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