50% Off U-Pick Apples & Sprouts! Last Chance Orchard Cleanup Sale, Still Open Every Day 9:00 to 5:00; Will THIS Be the Final Fresh Apple Cider Donut of 2020?


Farm is open 7 days a week 9:00 to 5:00 rain or shine, but self-serve on weekdays • This could be the final weekend of farm activity • Pick your own Mutsu APPLES and cut your own SPROUTS at half-price • Eat fresh DONUTS on Sat and Sun 11:00 to 5:00 • GOODIES at the stand = apples, cider jugs, cider slushees, hot spiced cider • COVID rules include (1) Keep SAFE distance, (2) wear MASK in closer quarters, (3) monitor your KIDS, (4) BYOBags for picking produce • Drive slowwwwly on the farm • Thank you for being good and kind Farmketeers


DEAR FARMKETEERS:  This is probably the final weekend of farmalicious activities.  You can come pick the Mutsus and cut your own sprouts – all at 50% off the normal U-pick price – and get fresh air on the hilltop overlooking the Cayuga valley.  We’ll have the donut machine going Saturday and Sunday. 

Pick your own Mutsu APPLES at 50% OFF.  Mutsu is the orchard finale – a delicious, versatile, and delightful apple.  It’s an excellent dessert apple, and makes first-class juice, pie, and sauce.  Mutsus will not shrivel when stored, and they hold flavor through winter.  Please come pick the last apples.  The NORMAL u-pick price is $2.25/lb with breaks at 15 pounds ($1.50/lb) and 42 pounds ($1.25/lb).  Cut that in half for the end-of-season deal.  So 75¢ a pound if you pick 15-42 pounds.

Cut your own SPROUTS.  These massively nutritious spheroids of cruciferous craving are your best food friend in late autumn.  Cut a fresh stalk yourself, pop off the sprouts, chop in half, stir fry with bacon or fakin’.  Please cut the whole stalk, not individual sprouts since that will wreck the plant.  And you are not a plant wrecker.  You are a sprout lover.  The normal u-pick price is $7/stalk or 3 for $15.  Take half off that for the end-of-season deal.  So $3.50/stalk or $2.50/stalk if you cut 3. 

Still have CIDER jugs – could end soon!  This is the 10th week of “Orchard Ambrosia,” our 100% unpasteurized, old-fashioned, nothing-added cider.  You can still get gallon and half-gallon jugs.  Freezes great.  It’s just apples and maybe a few pears, cold-pressed into juice.  It gets better every week as the apple blend complexifies, so now is the apex, the pinnacle, the zenith – even the acme! – of sweet cider season.

Probably last blast on fresh cider DONUTS – Saturday and Sunday 11:00 to 5:00.  Yes, we still have a somewhat functional nation and donuts are still rolling off the Mark 2 Donut Robot under the watchful eye of Nick the Donut Kid.  The Donuttic Duo is churning out these freshly fried toroids of fructotic splendor – optionally sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.  Just whisper, “A sprinkle of SIN, SUGAR.”

Love to y’all.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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