Strawberry U-Pick Continues Every Tuesday-Sunday Rain or Shine; Now Stocked with Local Honey, Syrup, Pottery; New This Year – Potted Flowers, Herbs, Tomatoes; Closed Mondays to Recover!


U-pick strawberries • Local honey, syrup, and potted plants including herbs, flowers, and tomatoes • Donuts and drinks coming soon – stay tuned • Open Tuesday-Sunday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM rain or shine • Closed Mondays • COVID protocols = (1) All farm stand staff are fully vaccinated, (2) Masks are not required, (3) We recommend that everyone practice social distancing in the farm stand area and that non-vaccinated people wear masks at the farm stand • Drive carefully when approaching and leaving the farm on Trumansburg Road • Drive slowly on the farm • NO DOGS in the strawberry patch • Thank you for being pretty good and very nice


DEAR FARMKETEERS, people are always talking down about plant brains.  We hear it all the time:  “This cucumber is dumb as a horse chestnut,” “Strawberries have the intelligence of a three-year-old pumpkin,” “It’s a good thing peaches are pretty…” And a lot more besides. Well phooey.

FIND THE STRAWBERRY PATCH. Yes, ‘Creekniks, the strawberries have a challenge for all you Nobel Prize winners and Straight A studmuffins: “Find us.” The berry patch has moved. Ask at the farm stand for a map to the new 2022 strawberry fields, which are marked “Strawberry Fields FOREVER” even though they will move again in a year or two. 




LOOK UNDER THE LEAVES. The berries live there.

BEST HINT EVER: Go past the first 20 feet of each row – that’s where crowdy picking ends and berry bounty begins.

NO DOGS IN THE BERRY PATCH. ‘Nuff said? Ruff ruff. Especially your dog who is definitely the cutest and friendliest EVER and NEVER pees on plants.

NEW THIS YEAR – POTTED HERBS, FLOWERS, TOMATOES. Get them at the farm stand while they last. Start your own ‘Creek. Send us a newsletter. We’ll come picking and cidering and donutting and herbing.

FRESH DONUTS = NOT YET.  Stay tuned!

FRESH CIDER = NOT YET.  Stay tuned!

NEW THIS YEAR – CLOSED MONDAYS! If you’ve ever seen the farm on a bustling weekend, you’ll understand why Mondays must henceforth be reserved for R&R – restocking and recovery. Please observe this Monday Sabbath with us: The ‘Creek will be closed completely, including u-pick operations, the farm stand, even the playground and picnic spots. The phone will ring and crickets will answer. It’ll be quiet time for farmers, though we’ll be quietly industrious, preparing for your Tuesday visits. Thank you!

NEW BUS STOP = INDIAN CREEK!  Take your public transportation right to your u-pick destination. TCAT has moved the bus stop to directly in front of the farm, so anyone can take the #21 from town to our doorstep. You want to avoid using the #14, which ends at the hospital requiring a walk on the highway. Be safe!

DRIVE SAFELY!  We have witnessed several terrible, high-speed collisions on Route 96 by the farm in recent years. Please approach the farm carefully, exit the farm carefully, and drive slowly when you are on the farm!

A Drivers Education

Entering from Ithaca

Indian Creek Farm is 1/2 mile north of the Cayuga Medical Center traffic light. We are on the left, just after the Dubois Road intersection, as you come over the rise. The entrance comes up quickly.

There is no need to increase speed to 55 MPH. Stay slow to keep the cars behind you slow.

Use your left TURN SIGNAL well before the turn. We have watched people stop to turn into the farm without using their signal.

While on Farm

Please drive slowly. There is no hurry. You are on vacation while on the farm. There are kids and folks of all ages walking around the farm. Take it easy.


Do not pull out if you can even see a car coming. Assume the car is speeding and that you will get hit.

Be patient, an opening will come.

Love to y’all.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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