High Honeycrisp Harvest. Come Very Soon. Pick Your Own Honeycrisp & McIntosh Apples, Pumpkins, Pears, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Grapes, Flowers & More; Giant Peach Sale While They Last; Fresh Cider, Delicious Donuts.



Honeycrisp apples • McIntosh apples • Pumpkins • Pears • Tomatoes • Eggplant • Peppers • Grapes • Flowers • Herbs • Peaches (there is a small crop of peaches left for u-pick)


  Peach peck sale ($26) • Fresh donuts (Thu-Sun 11 to 5) • Cider • Apples • Pumpkins • Peaches • Pears • Tomatoes • Peppers • Flowers • Garlic • Slushies • Coffee • Mugs • Honey • Lotion • Beeswax • Syrup • Pottery • Potted fruit trees


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Drive extra carefully on highway & farm
Thank you for being kind & nice


DEAREST FARMKETEERS: Despite drought, inflation, and a passel of portents of the apocalypse, we are blessed with a bumper crop of apples, and we encourage you to come help with the harvest forthwith. Also, there are tomatoes to pick in large numbers. And some of you might be interested in a giant peach peck sale for the last week of summer. Please read on.

U-PICK HONEYCRISP! Now is high harvest for Honeycrisp. The crop is big and beautiful. Come immediately if you want to pick your own Honeycrisp this year! Ask at the stand where to find them, since there are multiple Honeycrisp locations in the orchards. Get ready for your outing with our Farm School tutorial, How to Pick An Apple.

U-PICK MCINTOSH: America’s versatile, vinous mainstay since the 19th century, and a vintage counterpoint to the newfangled Honeycrisp. Pick them off the big trees in the Vintage Orchard. Wander and look for orange ribbons!

U-PICK PEARS: New varieties of European pears are ready to pick this week. Ask at the stand and we will direct you to the far end of the Dwarf Orchard! It’s a lovely mix to explore.

U-PICK TOMATOES! The tomato harvest peaks this week. Tons of beefsteak and paste tomatoes to pick. Some heirlooms, romas, and others to find, too. Happy hunting.

U-PICK GRAPES: Sweet, fun, and easy! Find them across from the upper Honeycrisp orchard on your way to the playground. Simply add grapes to your picking box along with apples, pears, and veggies.

GIANT PEACH SALE: Only $26/peck for peaches that we have picked for you. This is the last of summer’s peaches! Load up now for cobblers and winter creations.

HOW TO USE ALL THOSE PEACHES? Look how ‘Creeknik @teresa_padavona used their bounty! “Mozzarella, made this morning with @trinityvalleydairy milk, and peaches picked at @indiancreekfarmithaca, came together for this amazing caprese for dinner. So grateful for awesome local farms that inspire my cooking.”

AND PEACH GALETTE! Farm Fan Tamarynde Cacciotti writes: “Thank you for all that you do! My son and I made this galette from your peaches and I’ve been stewing and freezing your wonderful tomatoes.❤️

U-PICK EGGPLANT: Tons to pick now. Thank you for letting them size up. Now it’s time to eat!

U-PICK PEPPERS: Come browse the pepper patch for a Capsicum smorgasbord. Mostly hots at this point in the year.

U-PICK FLOWERS: The field looks great. It is right next to the farm stand and parking lot! Use scissors instead of ripping and tearing at flowers with your bare hands. Thank you!

FRESH CIDER! At the farmstand you can get jugs of “Orchard Ambrosia” – that’s 100% unsweetened, unpasteurized juice of apples and sometimes a few pears. Nothing added. It’s like the old days. Bolster your locavore credentials by getting jugs each week – the flavor profile will evolve as new varieties enter the apple harvest. Freezes great, just pour a little off the top before freezing to keep it from going kaplooey. 

FRESH DONUTS! Served Thursday through Sunday 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. With ever more vim and verve and vigor as autumn approaches, the Mark 2 Donut Robot churns out fresh fried rings of fructotic splendor – sprinkled, if you like, with cinnamon sugar. “A SPRINKLE OF SIN, SUGAR,” is all you have to say. No donuts served on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, when the Mark 2 Donut Robot observes its lavish Cyborg Sabbath. Amen and hallelujah.

FRESH COFFEE! Get a cup at the farmstand. We are brewing hometown roaster, Ithaca Coffee Company, and you can serve yourself. No latte! No spice! No venti! No ice! Just a simple cup for your agritourism adventure. Self-serve kiosk next to the Donut Hole. New tumblers are great – they keep stuff hot or cold for hours and hours!

NEW – BULK CIDER GALLONS. This year we are offering volume discounts on gallon jugs of cider instead of filling carboys. The bulk cider will be between 1 and 2 weeks old, still fresh and not yet turning. Prices are $8/gallon (5-9 gallons), $6/gallon (10-49 gallons), and $4.50/gallon (50+ gallons). Call the stand for availability before you come over, 607-227-8248.

BUS STOP = INDIAN CREEK! You can take your public transportation right to your u-pick destination. TCAT has moved the bus stop to directly in front of the farm, so anyone can take the #21 from town to our doorstep. You want to avoid using the #14, which ends at the hospital requiring a walk on the highway. Be safe!

DRIVE SLOWWWLY ON YOUR HONEYCRISP HUNT! We have witnessed several terrible, high-speed collisions on Route 96 by the farm in recent years. Approach the farm carefully, exit the farm carefully, and drive SLOWwwwwly when you are on the farm! Here is a free driver’s education reminder.

A Drivers Education

Entering from Ithaca

Indian Creek Farm is 1/2 mile north of the Cayuga Medical Center traffic light. We are on the left, just after the Dubois Road intersection, as you come over the rise. The farm entrance comes up quickly. There is no need to increase speed to 55 MPH. Stay slow to keep the cars behind you slow. Use your TURN SIGNAL well before the turn. We have watched people stop to turn into the farm without using their signal.

While on Farm

Please drive slowly. There is no hurry. You are on vacation while on the farm. There are kids and folks of all ages walking around the farm. Take it easy.


Do not pull out if you can even see a car coming. Assume the car is speeding and that you will get hit.

Be patient, an opening will come.

Love to y’all.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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