Duct Tape on Tractor Raggles Like the Flag of Some Beseiged Province.

If, for your evening walk, you should like to pass a few minutes untroubled by world affairs, it is best to avoid an encounter with duct tape.  Today I was not so fortunate.

Someone, somewhere, is in a bloody fight for something.  It is more or less desperate and bursting with heartbreak.  There might be winners, but everyone will lose.  Heroes will slaughter heroes.  The flickering swath told me so.

Most people, even patriots of Duct Tape Nation, probably find the video a real snooze, but I can watch it looping for a good long time.  I think it can hold its own in the genre traditionally headlined by faux fire.

Try running both movies at once.  Turn up the volume so you can hear the fire within and the wind without.  What is your white noise of choice?  Crickets?  Rain?  Distant weedwackers?

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