Pick a Peck a Dozen Dollars!

Friends of the farm — a happy, healthy August to you all. August is the month when lots of crops are really kicking. And that means picking!

So this week’s crop alert is good chance to remind you of our Peck Box Special: pick a variety of goodies from around the farm, fill a peck box, and pay only $12!

Your box could include fresh tomatoes, peaches, cukes, zukes, eggplant, and a garnish of flowers. A little u-pick adventure, collecting things that strike your fancy.

Just be sure to mix it up — the idea is to try new things and help us move all the different crops. If instead you want a whole peck of peaches, for example, that has a different price. Ask at the stand, they’ll help you out.

And now a heads-up about raspberries! The bees have been busy pollinating the berry patch, so you might be lucky enough to pick an early pint from the autumn crop.

Another insider tip — the lone tree we call Esmeralda provided a small batch of summer apples! There are precious few, so ask at the farm stand.

This little guy was nice enough to pose with a peach and a penny so you could see the size of these zucchinis. Whoa.

Whereas this big feller — some of you know him as Zorro — was a little in the doghouse, so we promised to put a photo of him in this week’s alert.

He was feeling a little jealous that Katrina was getting all the attention. She’s on the cover of this year’s brochure. Get your copy at the farm stand, there’s a field map on the back.

One more secret… Shhh… The first bottles of cold-pressed cider are only days away! Could be as soon as Sunday — ask at the stand.

Thanks, everybody, see you at the ‘Creek.

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