Your Tomato-Basil Cooking Kit!

Now through Sunday — Pick a peck of tomatoes and get a free quarter-pound of basil in the patch by the farm stand!

Celebrate summer with this classic pairing of red and green. Many a happy evening has begun with tomato and basil.

Basil is really something. In every plant, Nimrod’s ziggurat.

“Everything I think I see becomes a Tootsie Roll tomato to me.”

Our new lawn jockey.

This is your brain on tomatoes.

Once you’ve got your tomato-basil kit, browse the stand for everything you’ll need to make summer soups, salads, and salsas. To wit, garlic…


And peppers a-plenty.

Meanwhile, back at the sign factory…

We’re gearing up for the tomato rush.

Holy crap-ple! Autumn is like totally just around the corner, and that means apples. Thanks to our magic tree called Esmeralda, we’ve got early cider at the stand now. Cold, crisp, and fresh-pressed. Nothing but fruit, no preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Yum. (Okay, technically it’s not cider; read here to find out why!)

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