Peaches, Pears, and Nectarines!

Hello, farm fans. If you saw the Peachy Wheel of Plenty, you know that peach season at Indian Creek has been bustling for over a month.

But did you know that this year’s peaches are as big as a Bergamasco Sheepdog? Okay, technically this is a “Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Posing (Suspiciously) as a Bergamasco Sheepdog,” according to the artist, Sam Schonzeit.

Anyway… the peaches are easy picking. They are right at eye-level, or within reach on the stepstools. You can find the three-legged ladders scattered around.

And now it’s time to announce that the peaches have company! The first PEARS and NECTARINES are ready to pick! Remember, if you pick some that aren’t quite ready to eat, don’t panic or curse your local farmer; just give the fruit a couple days on the kitchen counter. Pears do well in a brown paper bag.

You don’t have to search far to find the pears. They are hanging right along the crossroad at the top of the driveway.

Wow are they lovely — many showing that classic bell or guitar shape — and ever so delicious: crisp, firm, sweet, and juicy.

The pear crop is brilliant this year, but there are only a half-dozen trees. THEY WILL BE PICKED CLEAN BY MONDAY, SO NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

A few steps away, planted among the peaches, you’ll find the nectarines. Kind of like peaches, but fuzz-free. As the name implies, they’re packed with nectar!

Some nectarines have one-of-a-kind beauty marks. They look perfectly imperfect — like little works of art — and taste terrific.

Others have freckles. Cute, huh? Hey, who chowed down on that pear while the photographer was daydreaming?

You have to watch where you set down your booty around here. We caught these peckish perps red-beaked.

Shall we take one last moment to appreciate nature’s sense of style? Isn’t this spherical bud extraordinary?

And isn’t it amazing that this blossom is the result? Don’t forget to take home a bouquet of fresh cut flowers for your loved ones — or yourself!

Thanks for supporting the farm. The season is flying by, so come out to the ‘Creek!

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