Summer Bounty, Fall Berries, and a Big Peach Sale!

Warning, friends — This crop alert contains the f-word (“fall”) and other curses like “end-of-season.” But don’t panic, it is still summer here on the farm!

Let’s get down to business. Time for an end-of-season sale on peaches. Everybody cries when peach season is over, so “peach up” while the getting is good.

We can’t stop time, but we can help you drown your sorrows in peach juice.

To soften the blow, there is a new wave of raspberries! The berry field is showing a robust fall crop, producing about 30 pints a day for u-pick and pre-picked.

And now back to summer proper! Just look at the bounty! Great time to hit your neighborhood farm and partake of the cornucopia.

Nectarines! We’ve picked some for the stand, and there are a few trees still available for you to pick your own.

Pears! The trees got picked clean this week, but there are plenty of pears to purchase at the stand. Crisp and delicious, sweet and refreshing.

Ginger gold apples — get ’em at the farm stand only!

Still tons of eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, plums, corn, garlic, onions, and more!

Early Orchard Ambrosia, our third pressing of the season. Try some now, and note how the flavors change as apple season rolls on.

Our friend has ducks, her ducks lay eggs. Pretty simple.

Pick your own herbs for cooking, eating, drying, and… aromatherapy!

You can cut your own flowers and make a bouquet. Isn’t your love worth a fiver?

They look very wholesome and earthy hanging on the porch.

We are trying to balance all that earthmother stuff with manly matters. So, today we are melting steel chains. Torching big chains into little ones. Hear us roar.

They get welded onto the orchard mower, for safety and cutting efficiency.

As with any successful DIY project, we invited a couple friends over to the job site, to entertain us with gossip and bad jokes. “So a chickenhawk, a Cornish game hen, and a weedwacker walk into a bar…”

Meanwhile, Archie is calling for the toolbox. Says he is going to fix the backhoe. Roosters with powertools — run for your life!!!

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