Mucho Mutsu and Pumpkin Too!

Hello, all. Great time of year. Won’t you help us celebrate Mutsu season?

The giant Mutsu apple famously appears in this postmodern still life by the artist Lila McBalto. The plastic diver holds real strands from a Japanese silkworm. The many-sided dice were used in a vintage fantasy game called “Dungeons & Dragons,” circa 1982. The piglets aren’t real.

Perhaps an even better use of the wonderful mutsu is edible art. This marvelous pie was baked by our own Allie, the scholar and farmer, and everyone’s favorite Saturday stand operator.

Here is the nom-nom-nom view. You can see as much drama in this pie as in any great work. And one must suppose it tastes better than the Mona Lisa.

Inside each of us is an artist – and your chance has arrived. You can pick your own Mutsus starting now! The Mutsu orchard is along the southern border of the farm, opposite the long rows of corn. Feels very farmy.

The fruit hangs low and easy to pick.

And the trees are absolutely jammed with huge apples.

This one is kind of spooky, lurking in the shadows. But really it wants to be picked, just like everyone else.

Follow the signs to the Mutsu orchard. If you can understand our signs you are winning the game of life. Everything is going great for you, and you will soon be picking oversize apples to impress friend and foe alike.

You’ll also be picking pumpkins! That’s because the pumpkin patch is just above the Mutsu orchard, seen here in the background behind the soccer mom cars.

Did you know there is a pumpkin shortage up and down the whole east coast? And Halloween is just 3 weeks away?

Well we got pumpkins, so your success is guaranteed!

On your way to the pumpkins and Mutsus, you might end up walking through the Dwarf Orchard. Pretty cool place, and here’s the deal: There are 1,600 trees and 60 varieties of apple!

Of course you can pick whatever you like, but we pruned them back this year to encourage growth, so there is very little fruit right now. The whole idea is that next year the Dwarf Orchard will be in full production, and it will be off the chain! That’s the REAL news about 2012.

Meanwhile, back in the Vintage Orchard, the Rome Beauty and Red Delicious apples are ready to pick. Just find trees with blue ribbons and have a ball.

When the apples are too high to reach, you can use an “apple basket,” one of the poles you’ll find around the orchard or at the farm stand.

Or grab an orchard stool. Please practice your dismount and don’t pull a Jasper.

Please do not use the tall orchard ladders. Even if you happen to see one around, please remember that they are for orchard staff only, and they can be real dangerous when you have an arm full of apples and the ground is tilty. Have a safe visit and let’s finish the season with everybody feeling fine!

Well that’s about it for this week, folks. We’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you that the flowers won’t last much longer. Cold nights are here.

So pick your own bouquet or grab one at the stand. Amanda arranged these beauties. They make an easy 5-buck gift for a friend. See you at the ‘Creek!

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