All Farm Vehicles Now Powered by Apple Cider!

Don’t do it! Don’t pull a Linus van Pelt! If you wait for your dream pumpkin to appear on Halloween night… they’ll all be gone!

Pumpkins are moving like crazy — come get yours.

Pie, pie, pie. Never too much pie.

And cider! We’re prepping the tractors for fall field work, fueled by fresh-pressed Orchard Ambrosia.

“Good enough for machine, good enough for you!”

Down at the stand, you can still find famous New York State apples.

If you are following our daily updates on Facebook and Twitter, you’ve seen a barny miracle unfolding. Here’s the first nail.

We engineered this rig to take construction photos every hour, to document what is surely one of the most momentous moments in Indian Creek Farm history.

By the time the rig was ready, the crew had blown through half the project! The roof was up just hours before the first snow of the year.

More news on the barn in the coming weeks… Gotta run! Time to muck around in the barn slop and prepare to build the floor. See you at the ‘Creek.

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