Fresh Cider All Winter, and Buck a Pound Apples!

Friends, the cold times are here in Finger Lakes apple country.

Wintry evenings are descending on the farm.

During the short days, we are loading Wood Wagon One with fuel for the stove.

And just in time, we’ve turned the corner on construction of the barn. A long winter’s work remains, but most of that will be inside the building — what a notion!

We second that emotion! After 15 years of being a barnless farm, we’re dizzy with ideas about how we’ll be able to offer you better crops and funner visits.

Anyway, here we are, it’s December 20th, and we’re pressing cider TODAY! Our latest date ever. That’s just one of the things we gain by adding the barn.

So just because the farm stand looks windblown and forlorn…

And the strawberries are hunkered down beneath the first snows…

And the sandwich board says apocalyptic things…

Don’t think we’re hibernating! Sign says “OPEN” and it’s true.

(Actually this furry farmer and her cohort do appear to be on winter break, but it’s not like we have any say in the matter…)

Just come in the double doors. We’re open self-serve 7 days a week, and the Orchard Ambrosia will flow all winter! We will be working in the cider room every Saturday starting January 7 — bring your jugs and get bulk rates on the gnarly gnectar.

You can contact The Cidermeister directly with any questions at 607-793-3560. He’ll entertain your thoughts about cider and/or The New York Yankees.

Aside from cider you’ll find lovely apples, only a BUCK A POUND. Jonagold, Ida Red, Northern Spy, Spygold — all #1 eatin’ apples. Plus pie apples a-plenty.

And cooking squash for 50 CENTS A POUND! Decorative gourds, too!

Finally, let’s not forget the u-pick sprouts. Bring Grandma’s old garden saw or some other way to hack these hardy stalks. And if Grandma isn’t sharing her legendary recipes, there’s this thing called The Google that will give you “about 183,000 pages” of sprout recipes in “.17 seconds.” Take that, Grandma!

More news in the new year. Til then — be well, safe travels, happy apple sauce.

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