14th Annual Fruit Tree Sale — Plant Your Own Orchard!

Farm fans, we live in a winner-take-all society.

Luckily there are many ways to win. You don’t have to plant a 1,600 tree orchard that showcases 60 varieties of apple. We got that covered.

A single tree for your yard will do. And right now, you can pick out your dream tree with expert consultation from our fruit men, all trained at Har-Var.

Yes, now is the time because the peach buds are popping and our 14th Annual Fruit Tree Sale won’t last long. Come weekends 10 AM to 4 PM, and weekdays 10 AM to 5 PM. Get years worth of family fun and fresh fruit for only 20 bucks a tree — and $15 if you order 10 or more!

You’ll see our humble, jumbled sign on Route 96 — just pull into the parking lot as if you were coming to the farmstand.

Thing is, don’t actually go to the stand…

The sign there will just redirect you to the new barn, built before the winter.

At the north end of the parking lot, you’ll find a forlorn little stone wall and a half-finished driveway.

Like we always say, if you can follow our signs, you are winning the game of life. If you plant an apple tree — or peach or plum or pear — well, that will just be extra credit. The Joneses will go green with envy.

Take the gravelly road up to our loading dock, homemade from local locust posts.

Pop inside and you’ll find about 20,000 baby fruit trees — down from 35,000 a few weeks back and dropping fast. They’ll be gone lickety-split. Seriously, we’re shipping trees all over the country ’til the barn is empty.

When you meet our tree specialists, try not to be too cheerful or chipper. They have not been outside the barn in over a month, so a subdued attitude is probably best.

But do ask questions. It’s a rare opportunity to geek out about Esopus Spitzenburg, Cox’s Orange Pippin, or Summer Rambo. Or Red Delicious if you must. Then we’ll wrap your babies in swaddling clothes for the trip home from the nursery.

We’ll even weigh them on our Detecto scale. Write it down in your baby book.

Call the gang at 607-227-1799 and find us online at CumminsNursery.com — that’s the sister business to Indian Creek Farm. Also check out our ad in the Pennysaver. Happy planting and stay tuned for this season’s crop alerts! Won’t be long now!

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2 Responses to 14th Annual Fruit Tree Sale — Plant Your Own Orchard!

  1. Bill Winter says:

    Hmm weight the tree and put it in your baby book
    How do you suggest we do follow up weighing s to check growth after it has been planted :)

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