Strawberries Now! Fresh Crop Alert!

Friends, fans, foodies, and farmies… Strawberry u-picking begins now!

The first berries are ripe and ready for picking. (And eating.)

You’ll find reds mixed in with greens.

Just turn into the lot on Route 96. Can’t miss the sign.

You’ll find details under the front porch. Prices and maps and whatnot.

Plus a few inside tips from the strawberry watchers.

So get out here and pick! It’s all self-serve for now, and just strawberries. Stay tuned for more crop alerts — and more fun to come!

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2 Responses to Strawberries Now! Fresh Crop Alert!

  1. Ace says:

    Hi Allie, Jeff and al –
    I am excited about the first harvest alert of 2012. I will swing by this weekend. I have an 8qt box. Would that be OK or shall Is settle for 4qt only? I am not sure how big the yield is this year, but I hope there will be enough ripe ones for at least a 4qt :-).
    Cheers :-)

    • Helloooo, Ace!

      Bring that 8-quart box! The berries are ripening faster than we can pick them, and earlier than ever. There is a nice big crop coming in, just no telling how many people will beat you to it this week! Pickers showed up yesterday after Monday night’s Crop Alert, but there ought to be plenty left for the weekend.

      Happy biking and picking!

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