Berry Nuts Unite!

There’s a berry nut in every bunch.

Are you one?

If so, you’ll heed the clarion call — come pick strawberries and raspberries while they are all here together.

See, there’s a little thing called the INEXORABLE MARCH OF TIME which makes strawberries go from GREEN to RED to GONE in a few short weeks.

And the summer solstice has already happened. Those solstices aren’t just for druids anymore — they’re a sciency thing. Like, facts and stuff.

The salient fact being, the strawberries will soon go poof! So bring your party out to picking country, and leave with a mess of magical orbs.

Don’t forget to include fresh raspberries in your haul.

We’re seeing the Juicy Reds, Sunny Goldens, and Purple Poppers. Rapidly ripening and ready to serve you.

And the Black Cappers. Mysterious, delirious.

We have also been working on a new breed of Cow-Lamb-Dog. Just a side project. This model is almost perfect, only a tad too much cow in the mix.

Speaking of novel creations, whoever in your group can summarize this sign first — well, they’re probably the nuttiest. Hope to see you soon at The ‘Creek!

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