Strawberries, Bye. Raspberries, Hi.

Howdy, Farm Fans. Happy almost July.

It’s wonderful that everyone got so giddy picking strawberries this year.

We are doing everything we can to keep them around a little longer — like piping in soft music at spa time.

Nonetheless, they have mostly skipped town til next summer. We now direct your attention to the raspberry field, right next to the parking lot.

They are in full production and we are seeing pickers get several quarts at a time.

It’s a modest field, so get here early each day to beat your neighbors to the ripe ones. Up to you if you want to share. (Come on, share!)

So things will be a little quiet for a couple weeks while the next wave of produce ripens. But you are welcome to come out and enjoy the day, have a picnic, do yoga, read banned books, whatever.

Stay tuned and hope to see you at The ‘Creek. Woof.

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