Hoo Hoo Hoo! It’s Pepperoo!

YOU WON’T HEAR them say it, but the peppers were humiliated.  It really hurt when they were turned away from Eggplantapalooza.

The memory of that bad scene drove them to plan their own shindig.  No eggplant allowed! No scabby apples!  Peppers and only peppers.  They would call it…

PEPPEROO!  Starring the Red Hot Chili Peppers, with their frontman swinging from the rafters and pyrotechnics hotter than a Habanero in Hades!

Singing all the scorching hits from the Scoville Scale…

And a hot mess of fans bumrushing the stage!

The hip-hop artist Nuff Hott, festival impresario, watches from his sky box…

While the indie duet Jalapeño Popper naps backstage before their turn.

Pretty hard to sleep with all that racket, plus she keeps pulling the covers and he keeps kicking her shins. Anyway, the Chilis will be a hard act to follow…

With their famous triple stage dive that followers call the “Stir Fry.”

All in all, a perfectly piquant day for peppers. But who is this? Nuff Hott’s daughter Peppa? With Tom Tomato and Eggder Eggplant? Sneaking and peaking?

Will their friendship transcend the squabbles of their elders? Will the youngsters build a bridge between vegetables, as clever as their lean-to at Pepperoo?

Do they have a dream? An awesome dream?

Will they have a vision tonight by firelight?


Hey, Farm Fans! There are peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant to pick, plus tons of fresh produce at the stand. Come out to the farm or ring the stand at (607) 227-8248 with your delightfully nitpicky questions about what there is to find and how much it costs and whether it can be pickled in vinegar.

Hope to see you at The ‘Creek!

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4 Responses to Hoo Hoo Hoo! It’s Pepperoo!

  1. Rebecca says:

    The secret lives of the produce, I never suspected … makes me feel bad about biting random peppers in half just to show off my wanton disregard for oral discomfort (although it gets you mad props in this region).

  2. ace says:

    You guys are the best, Allie, Jack, David and all. See you tomorrow, as always :-)!

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