Jalapeño Ice Cubes, Flying Saucer Videos, and More Chickens.

IT IS BETTER TO LIGHT ONE CANDLE than to curse the darkness. So instead of b-tching about the approach of winter, and the switch to Daylight Wasting Time, we’re lighting a few mental candles — ideas for November produce.

It’s down to the dregs of the pepper crop. We got an idea from a friend of a friend: puree your peppers, dreggy or not, in the Cuisinart. Pour them into ice cube trays. Take out a cube in the middle of winter, and drop it into a pot of soup.

Everyone remembers seeing their first stalk of Brussels sprouts. For many of you it was here on the farm. Sprouts are delicious, maximally nutritious, and a cinch to cook. We sautee them with bacon, garlic, and chopped waluts.

Badass pumpkin. Hey, this is a family channel! Okay, b-d-ss pumpkin. More on pumpkins after this commercial break.


There is no official Customer of the Year award at Indian Creek. But this fellow, Charles E, has been making a strong case with his terrific photos — and now, videos — of food from the farm. Watch him fly. Making sauce. A flying saucer.


Finally, one of life’s most persistent questions has been answered definitively: Yes, New York chickens love Chobani Blueberry Greek Yogurt.

We said our goodbyes to Chickzilla this year. (We are talking to the dogs about that.) But we are showing a net gain of 3 chickens, as the hen called Pudding hatched 4 chicks. They are in this photo but you can’t see them — they run underneath mom when you approach, and you can hear them cheeping from down below.


So, back to the crop alert. We have winter squash and pie pumpkins for 50 cents a pound. There is a sweet little cookbook called The Internet with recipes galore for baking, souping, and roasting the late-season bounty.

Still going strong in Appleville. Get 8-pound pecks of utility apples for only $6! And we have Number 1 eating apples for $1-1.50 a pound: McIntosh, Rome Beauties, Mutsu, and Cortland.

Onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, and red potatoes — classic winter comfort food. Make a whole mess of home fries on the weekend and bust them out for weekday breakfast. Stick it to the man like only you know how.

And of course we have The ‘Brosia. Chilled apple cider to take home, and hot mulled cider at the stand. We’re also filling “carboys” for people’s home brew.


Meanwhile, Lyla got yelled at this week for dubious potty protocol…

Balto has been hanging round his new rock…

The red-tailed hawk has been circling round…

And we’re all out back in the nursery — starting to dig 30,000 baby trees! But Allie will be at the farm stand 12 PM to 5 PM on weekends, and you can do self-serve on the weekdays. Weather will be pretty warm this weekend. Alright, folks, we’ll only say this a couple more times this year…

Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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