Please Come Smell the Farm at Your Earliest Convenience.

PEOPLE OF THE CREEK, hello and happy spring. Our Chief Croperating Officer says it is time to talk about buds and blossoms. For the next few days, you will find thousands of fruit trees here bursting with flower power.


A pretty time for a picnic. Come out with the family. Feast your nose on these babies. Won’t be long before the petals fall, and out pops a peach.


The pear trees have salt-n-pepper flowers. Select one (but don’t pick it!) and jam your schnozz right in. Sneeze if you must, it’s part of the game.


Feels like an apple blossom cafe out here. Say, remember the Apple Blossom Cafe? ABC? Great old place with tasty home fries. Fed a lot of folks in town.


Wind and rain will try to knock off the petals before you get here. Now is your chance to show Mother Nature who’s boss. Sneak over soon!


You might find us working as you wander. If you see the lads in this rig, tell them it is beautiful. They built it from scratch this winter.


It’s called a planter. But, really, people do the planting. Dudes ride along and stick trees in the ground. Another dude stamps them in.


Meantime, up in the strawberries, we got a guy tending every plant. Works all 10,000 plants on bended knee. Weeding and clearing for a healthy crop.


Here’s the first strawberry of the year. If you eat it now you will deprive Future You of eating it later. Be kind to your elders, including Future You.


Nothing to see here. Please continue past the science experiment without any snickering. We are professionals and everything is under control.


If you go too far past the berry patch, watch out for the neighbors. They are super mean country people. They will shoo you off with a woofety-woof.


But you’ll get a garlicky grin if you praise their huge garden. They grow garlic galore, hops for beer, and all kinds of stuff next to the farm.


As you walk back down the hill, there is a ‘Henge to rest your hiney. Eventually, we will be scattering picnic tables around the farm.


And soon the Pigs-n-Apples table will have custom-made swivel stools. Got to tick a few things off the to-do list before that happens.


Keep your eyes peeled for Yarlington. He is trundling around in the blue tractor fitting the fields, as they say. Plowing and whatnot.


Doesn’t get more springish than this—fresh dirt turned over by the moldboard plow. It will be a vegetable field this year.


Well, as you can see, things are pretty dandy down here. Walk the 1,600 trees of the dwarf orchard to saturate your neural olfactory networks.


Even the ‘lions are dandy this time of year.


As is Balto. He had a hard winter, but the Cornell vets put him back together.


But there is nothing more dandy than Owen Appleseed in his winter beard. Hurry up and shave, sir, company is coming!


Happy to be in touch again. Stay tuned for strawberry crop alerts. Until then, hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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8 Responses to Please Come Smell the Farm at Your Earliest Convenience.

  1. It’s been a looooong winter without you! Here’s to our weekly smile – welcome back!!

  2. Best farm email newsletter out there.

  3. Love your posts. They make me wish I lived next door :) Happy Spring to ya’ll !

  4. John Cummins says:

    Glad you all woke up out of your winter slumber finally. I was waiting for a post.

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