Strawberry Soft Launch Saturday!

JUST A QUICK NOTE to announce the opening of u-pick season. You can pick strawberries starting at 8 AM on Saturday. We’ll be open every day til sunset for self-serve u-pick action. First come first serve!


You can find some big ones out there. Here’s a Greek coin for comparison, about the size of a silver dollar. Alexander the Great supports this message.


There is enough crop to get some of you started, but the full bounty will kick in over the next few weeks. So we’re calling this the Soft Launch.


Soft and sloggy is more like it. Rain and mist will continue for a few days, so only the intrepid picker will venture out. Your chance to beat the crowds.


The field is at the back of the farm, up the hill near Stumphenge. Our sign guys are up to their usual tricks—look for this corner to find the strawberries.


Good news: Strawberry prices will be the same as last year. $4 a quart when you pick your own, and only $12 when you pick a 4-quart box!


So come out this weekend to pick the early bloomers, and stay tuned for the next crop alert about the thrill of peak strawberry season.


Meantime, we’ll be planting new orchards that you can pick in 4 or 5 years…


…and saying “Bon voyage!” to one of our long-time nursery hands. Greg is taking his greggy show on the road in a big way.


A big GREEN way. He is converting this bus into a Mobile Street Medicine Unit—for first aid and training at protests nationwide.


Alright, then, that’s it for now. Please note that we are setting up a new phone system at the farm stand and there is no phone number yet. Anyway the stand won’t be open for weeks to come—it’s just strawberry self-serve season for now.

Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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1 Response to Strawberry Soft Launch Saturday!

  1. Aaron says:

    Phone service for the farm stand. If cell phone reception is strong enough, consider linking a google voice number to your primary cell phone and all calls in & out can represent as that new number. Free service with all the best voice mail & caller id options, plus texting possibilities.

    Hope this helps.

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