Peach Pickers Needed Now!

THE FARM STAND is a no-holds-barred Battle Royale right now.  It is standing room only and every piece of produce is fighting for your attention.


Andre the Giant Eggplant has Husk Hogan lifted high for a body slam.  Fans are rocking mullets and talking trash like it’s 1989.


Jake the Snake Roberts is coiled around Rowdy Roddy Pepper in a dastardly cobra clutch.  Come see for yourself.  And now for this week’s u-pick report…

What’s Picking?

{ Come help harvest. }



Apples are picking.  We are highlighting 3 varieties in the Dwarf Orchard:  Sansa, Zestar, and Ginger Gold.  Beautiful August apples, sweet to eat.


We have brought in artists from Complimenta, the installation space and residency, to be retrained in more practical matters such as farming.

04-P1170067But the big, juicy story this week is peaches.  We need pickers NOW!   The crop is abundant and days of sun are ticking the clock.


Peaches are ripe and hanging heavy.  Please come this weekend and get a nice haul.  Peach season won’t last much longer, and peaches don’t have a shelf life.

07-P1180202Pick now and eat soon!  And don’t be mean.  We are still finding lots of these.  If you pick a peach, please take it home.  Don’t just chuck it.


We have at least 16 vegetables to pick.  Easy tomato picking, mostly Romas and Beefsteaks.  Eggplant, peppers, and other goodies are prime time.

Down at the Stand

{ Ring the dinner bell. }

09-P1180342The farm stand is having its best days.  No matter what you find in the fields, there is something delicious to add to your haul on the way out.

10-P1180359We have all the flavors, colors, and shapes of summer.  You know that autumn is closing in—so please share these summer foods with us.

15-P1180246All kinds of odd apples that you won’t find in the grocery store.  This one is named after a haunted castle.  Come expand your palate.

The Sound of Signage

{ Get lost in the music. }


The signage squad was getting tired of being the butt of jokes.  They made 19 new blank signs to install around the farm.  Now who’s laughing?

Farm Buzz

{ Scuttlebutt. }


It’s a bad hour to follow farmers around with a camera.  It is 3 PM and they’ve been up working since the crack of dawn.  NOT!  This dude started around noon and he’s got a chip on his shoulder nonetheless.


The photographer asks, “What kind of sticks are those?”  The farmer says, “Wood.”  The photographer says, “What kind of wood?”  The farmer says, “Special wood.”  The photographer asks, earnestly, “But what kind of special wood?”


The farmer quips, “Standard special wood.”  The photographer continues, “But what kind of standard special wood?”  Both farmers shout, “Just wood, dummy!”  See what the photographer puts up with, just trying to get the news out?

22-P1180232It’s hard to get the straight scoop around here.   Rather like chasing unicorns.  Please come help us at The ‘Creek.

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