Peaches, Apples, Pears and a Big Party with the Pigs.

THE BREEZE THAT TICKLES the farm today is a different kind of breeze—a fall breeze.  That means only one more week of peach season, but new fruits to pick, especially Bartlett pears and a rolling selection of delicious boutique apples.


And it means bobbing for apples!  That’s right, kids, you have 4 weeks to practice at home for the Second Annual Pigs-n-Apples Party!  Save the date:  Saturday, September 28, 2013 at Indian Creek Farm.  We’ll be here with our pals from The Piggery and other friendly farms.


See the Facebook event page and click “Join.”  There will be games, food, and music from noon til 3 PM, with casual partying after that.  Admission is FREE!  Last year there were 1,000 people.  Celebrate with your neighborhood aggies.

What’s Picking Now?

{ Come help harvest. }


Time to pick Bartlett pears!  Pear season is supershort.  This is the only all-points-bulletin we are sending out.  Pick now!

04-P1180477We had our Bartletts tested for firmness at a fancy Cornell lab.  The pomologists said, “Um, yeah, pick now!

05-P1180414Meanwhile, swing by Row 9 of the Dwarf Orchard.  Not row 0.9 as the sign seems to indicate.  Multiply by 10 to get Row 9.

06-P1180412There you will find the Dayton apples.  Just because you’ve never heard of them doesn’t mean they’re yucky.  Big and sweet.

07-P1180420A few trees down the line, you’ll find the Jonamacs.  They are firm, crisp apples reminiscent of McIntosh, for you Mac fanatics.

09-P1180488Peaches are still picking—a few more days, perhaps a week.  Pick a peck now or wait in a dark corner of peachlessness til July 2014.

Down at the Stand

{ Ring the dinner bell. }

10-P1180381The stuff at the stand is inspiring—to cook, to eat, to simply behold.  Can you smell these ‘maters through your smart phone?

11-P1180388Fresh plums of three types.  Each one so plump and juicy.  Sweet but not saccharine, with a tingle of tart in the finish.

12-P1180434Fill your kitchen with fresh stuff.  Like the old days.  Pick now and eat now.  Or put up some peach sauce for winter pancakes.

02-p11107791Orchard Ambrosia is in production.  Get a jug each week to see how the flavor changes as apple season unfolds.

The Sound of Signage

{ Get lost in the music. }

14-P1180395Whatever about the food.  The sign makers are the stars of the week.  They made this misterpiece to help you get lost more efficiently.

15-P1180406Three arrows pointing left is their way of saying, “Don’t turn right.”  But it’s hard, we know.  Just do your best.

16-P1180403They wouldn’t be themselves if they didn’t leave a mystery.  WTF is that crocodile thing?  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, people?!

The Radish of Redemption

{ Seize it if you can, Pigherds. }

2-screen-shot-2012-10-12-at-11-04-10-amThe signage folks aren’t the only ones trying to redeem themselves.  The pigkeepers of western Trumansburg will try to avenge last year’s trouncing at the hands of yours truly, the Apple All-Stars.

18-P1120480Fat chance.  Team ‘Creek has home field advantage and, of course, stronger muscles and bigger brains.  At any rate, the silver medalists (first losers!) will serve their world-beating deli delights.


So, farm fans, September 28, 2013.  The Second Annual Pigs-n-Apples Party.  Bring family and friends, rain or shine!  We’ll be here.

Hope to party with you at The ‘Creek.

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