Crossing Bartlett Bridge:  Last Call for Peaches and Pears!

IT IS A JOURNEY that we take every year—from Peachtown to Appleville across Bartlett Pear Bridge. While peach season is winding down and apple season is warming up, a humble little pear crop gives us something to go on.

1Yes, these are the last few days to pick peaches, pears, and nectarines at Indian Creek.  Won’t you cross over with us?

2Climb into your u-pick buggy with friends and family.  Cue your favorite road trip sing-a-longs.  John Denver and whatever.

3Come help us pick the summer orchards clean.   That will clear the road to a great apple season ahead.

What’s Picking Now?

{ The weekly u-pick report. }

01-P1180535Peaches are juicy, sweet, and heavy on the boughs.  We need your help scouring the orchard, so that no peach is left behind.

02-P1060787Pick a peck and make a cake.  Save $14 when you pick 4 pecks, also known as a bushel, for the price of just 3 pecks!

03-P1180497The pears are leaving, too.  They’re going home with you.  The Bartletts are sweet and juicy with delightful mouthfeel.

04-P1180690It’s a race against time, and against us!  We are picking Bartletts before they fall.  Pick 4 pecks for the price of 3 and save $12.

05-P1180523Nectarines!  They have been quietly ripening while everyone was obsessing about peaches.  They are ready, and won’t last long.

06-P1180673And—our raison d’etre—the apples.  There might only be a little apple action this weekend while new varieties ripen.  Ask at the stand.

Down at the Stand

{ Ring the dinner bell. }

07-P1180712Behold the lovely pink flesh.  No, not the lad.  That’s Lewis Billy.  We call him LewBill.  But the Pink Pearl apple, what a dandy.

08-P1180708Another rare find, the Golden Pippin.  Dating from around the birth of Sir Isaac Newton, we call it the Gravity Apple.

09-P1180706The signage crew presents us with another puzzle:  “Mothers beware.”  Send us a text if you discover what this means.

10-P1180702Down at the stand you will also find “utility grade” peaches for only $12 a peck, all picked and ready for peeling and baking.

11-P1180692Whoa, Mama.  Our cup runneth over; our kaleidoscope spinneth round.  Please help us move this stuff into a belly near you.

12-P1180716A few bucks and you have a cheap bribe for a neighbor or coworker.  Impromptu gifts of farm-fresh food massively boost karma, too.

The Radish of Redemption

{ Seize it if you can, Pigherds. }

14-P1180705You are all invited to the Second Annual Pigs-n-Apples Party on September 28.  It’s FREE and pretty fun.  What kind of pit shall we dig for The Piggery people?  Putrid tomatoes?  Rotten canteloupes?  A curdling stew of goop?  See who’s coming on the Facebook event page and let us know you’re in.

Farm Buzz

{ Scuttlebutt. }

16-P1180664This toothsome young couple snapped a selfie by the pond.  Hugs and kisses, and hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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8 Responses to Crossing Bartlett Bridge:  Last Call for Peaches and Pears!

  1. LOVE your posts! Thanks to you, I was seeing facial expressions in my radishes. Happy Harvest!!

  2. Melissa says:

    My husband broke his leg 3 wks ago and so I’ve only been able to pick sporadically but yr, alerts have kept us both nourished and laughing. Thank you. You’re the best.
    Off to get my last peaches today!

  3. hey unc!! wish we were there to pick and eat all those goodies. we are baking cookies for the block party and singing john denver songs but wish we were driving across the bridge in the family wagon to pick apples. love from, mol, brussel, alice, lucy, ethan, taylor.

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